October 25, 2009


Contributor/friend Anne M. Raso just checked in to tell us that Bobby Long's show at New York's Bitter End last night was one of his best in the Big Apple yet and if you can, check out his show tonight at Arlene's Grocery 10/25. Bobby seems to be playing in town about once a month now and every show seems to be sold out. He is recording as we go to press (they can't announce what major label he will be on yet) and some of you might have caught him walking around the Fifth Avenue MAC store Saturday afternoon. 

   If you saw a tall, cute Brit with beard stubble seeming perplexed that the store is literally a glad bubble in the ground, that was Bobby! We noticed there were more guys it he audience than usual (usually it's 90 per cent female), which is a good sign. Apparently, a lot of female famines are turning their boyfriends on to Bobby's neo-folk/troubadour sound. I checked it with Bobby quickly after last night's performance at the Bitter End, got a quick peck on the cheek and a "thank you for coming" and wish I could make tonight's performance but can't. In case you die-hard Bobby Long fans are wondering why he was NOT signing CDs and shirts back at the merchandise stand at the Bitter End, it was because he had to race off to do a radio interview at 10PM. More Bobby news coming up next month, but for now here's a pic of Bobby and I taken about a month ago at Arlene's Grocery by his publicist (and my good friend) Sharon Weisz. (Get to Arlene's Grocery before 7 because all the spaces on the floor quickly fill up for Bobby's performances. Also, check out my half-page piece on him in FACES PRESENTS NEW MOON FEVER (FACES HOLIDAY 2009) on sale at newsstands everywhere now!

Photo: Courtesy of Sharon Weisz/W3 Public Relations
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