January 31, 2010

Lady Gaga Teams With Elton John To Open The Grammys!

Source: MTV

After performing 'Poker Face,' Gaga was joined by John for 'Speechless' and 'Your Song.'
By James Montgomery
Lady Gaga performs at the 2010 Grammy Awards
Photo: Michael Caulfield/ Getty Images
Ever since show producer Ken Erlich said last week that Lady Gaga would be performing a duet at Sunday night's (January 31) 52nd annual Grammy Awards, speculation has been building about who she'd be performing that duet with.
Well, the Elton John rumors turned out to be true. Elton joined Lady Gaga onstage, as the duo kicked off the Grammy telecast with a torchy duet, complete with ashes, severed limbs and some seriously flashy jewelry.
But that's getting ahead of things, because it was actually Gaga who opened things up, and she did it in her own over-the-top manner. As the curtain went up, viewers saw a full-blown stage set — "The Fame Factory" — an army of dancers and a master of ceremonies, who emerged from the crowd to tout Gaga as some kind of living doll, shouting, "The real Gaga comes complete with five #1 singles ... and she has no soul!"
Then Gaga appeared, decked out in sparkly shoulder pads, and belted out a cabaret version of one of those #1 singles, "Poker Face." She then leapt down from her perch (which looked an awful lot like a toxic-waste container) and launched headlong into a full version of the song, flashing her "monster" claw and trading moves with her backup dancers.
One of those dancers then dragged Gaga off the stage, and she was dumped into a "rejected" bin, which belched flames and deposited her out of view.
Seconds later — now covered in ashes — she appeared again, this time sharing a piano with John , who was also covered in ashes (not to mention a pair of Gaga's sparkly sunglasses and a glittering, galactic earring). The two then began singing Gaga's "Speechless," trading verses and glances from across the piano, which was topped with severed mannequin arms, also flashing her "monster" hand sign.
John managed to work in a few verses of "Your Song," his massive 1970 hit with songwriter Bernie Taupin. The two then segued back into "Speechless" and wrapped it up smiling, the house giving them a standing ovation.

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