March 30, 2010

Playing Catch Up With Bobby Long

We caught up with our pal Bobby Long again when he recently played at one of regular New York venues, The Mercury Lounge, and we got to check out the soundcheck (always a treat) and learned that our boy will be moving Stateside but we are sworn not to tell where! He also is not allowed to 'fess up to what record label he has signed with but last summer, every label and their spinoffs sent an A&R guy to check Bobby out in a time when few artists are being signed (especially those of the acoustic variety). Bobby will no longer be 100 per cent acoustic as he has been setting up a band to play on the record (being recorded for the entire month of April) and will also be having several famous session players sit in. We think that this band might be going on tour with him as well come summer!
   For the past two years, the 23-year-old "Man From Manchester" has been garnering attention and a growing following by having his song "Let Me Sign" performed by best mate Rob Pattinson on the soundtrack of Twilight, followed by Bobby putting his own music on the net (see and now every show he does seems to sell out! Just remember that you read about Bobby here first--and also in the pages of Teen Dream magazine! We love Bobby because he is super humble int he face of great acclaim--and the fact he has the flirtiest audience known to man. If you ever go and check out one of his shows, you will hear girls trying to pick him up between guitar cords (no joke) but he seems oblivious! We've all hear him tell the story about the girl who turned up naked in a dressing room recently--and we hear that he offered the fan his jacket! No old school Led Zeppelin style groupie hijinx for this gentleman! We are very sad that we could not stay for Bobby's show the last time we spoke to him but it was the night of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Inductions and our fave freak Iggy Pop was getting inducted (not to mention our favorite harmonizing original British Invasion fellas, The Hollies, whose performance sounded like it was done circa 1965)! Stay tuned to this website for more on the "electrification" of Bobby Long--we think his  record is really going to be a groundbreaker! And we would just love to hear that R-Pattz might be coming into the studio for a background vocal or two! (We honestly do not know anything about this yet, we are just speculating--we know that they jam together in private!)--Anne M. Raso

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