April 30, 2010

Bret Michaels Sister Hopeful of Recovery

BRET MICHAELS' sister is confident the rocker will recover after sufferin g a brain haemorrhage last week (22Apr10), insisting her brother is "gett ing better every day".
The Poison singer remains in a critical condition and is being supervis ed around the clock by medical staff in an intensive care unit at an unna med Arizona treatment centre.
Michaels' publicists have warned fans the star is still in poor health and must undergo further testing, admitting the 47 year old is suffering "slurred speech and blurred vision".
But Michaels' sister Michelle Sychak remains hopeful, claiming her sibling is lucid and his speech is coherent.
She tells U.S. radio show Todd N Tyler Radio Empire, "He's doing good. Things are definitely looking up. He sounded good - as good as you can wh en your brain's throbbing.
"He seems very coherent to me and like he knew what he was saying. (He) does sound like Bret. Truth be told, I think he'll outlive us all. He's not by any means out of the woods, but he is getting better every day." 
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