April 30, 2010

White Stripes Reunion Imminent

The White Stripes  are on the verge of reuniting after bandmember MEG WHIT E recovered from the anxiety problem that caused the group to split.
The band was forced to cancel a string of gigs in 2007 because of Meg's condition, forcing them into hiatus.
Her bandmate Jack White has since occupied his time recording and perfo rming with his other band The Raconteurs.
But he reveals he has been spending more and more time with Meg, and hi nts he's open to a reunion.
White says, =E2=80=9CI don=E2=80=99t think her anxiety exists anymore.
=E2=80=9CShe is still involved and everything." But White admits the reunion could take a while - because they've never planned ahead. He adds, "We=E2=80=99ve never sat down and gone, =E2=80=98 Okay, so don=E2=80=99t forget to block out three months.' We never did th at, even in the thick of craziness of The White Stripes, I have nothing p lanned after this month coming up, but I know that it all will be filled up really fast.=E2=80=9D
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