May 28, 2010

Actor Gary Coleman Dead At 42

(ABC 4 News) - Child actor Gary Coleman died at approximately 12:05 p.m. on Friday at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

A hospital press release said that family members and close friends were at Coleman's side when life support was terminated.

Coleman suffered an intracranial hemorrhage at his home in Utah on the evening of May 26, 2010.

The press release said that as of mid morning on May 27, Coleman was conscious and lucid, but by early afternoon that same day, he was slipping in and out of consciousness and his condition worsened.

The press release also said that family members expressed their appreciation and gratitude for the support and prayers that have been expressed for Gary and for them.

Gary Coleman moved to Utah in 2005 after starring in Church Ball, the story of LDS church basketball competitions.

Coleman met his wife Shannon Price during filming and moved to into a Santaquin home with her in Utah County.

The actor starred in the TV family sit-com Diff'rent Strokes between 1978 and 1986.

Coleman struggled for work after the show was canceled and had legal battle with his parents over money he earned as a child.

Coleman's Diff'rent Strokes co-stars also had their share of troubles as well. Todd Bridges, who played Coleman's older brother on the show had several run-ins with the law related to drug problems.

Dana Plato, who played and older sister to the brothers on the show had drug problems as well, and died in 1999 from a prescription drug overdose suicide.

Coleman had some legal troubles since his move to Utah in 2005. He pleaded no contest to to a disorderly conduct charge in 2008 after an encounter with some fans at a bowling alley. He was also recently involved in a domestic dispute with his wife. Police also recently responded to Coleman's home after an apparent suicide attempt using Oxycontin.

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