June 30, 2010

Eclipse Movie Review – The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Releases today! Preview!

The Twilight Saga Eclipse has finally released. This is the moment millions of fans had been waiting for. You need to go n see this movie to find out one important question, i.e. who will Bella choose? Like always, Bella n the humans are surrounded by mysterious killings with the negative vampires’ main intention of drinking Bella’s blood which has become most desirable after all the running around in the previous movies.
Victoria creates new group of vampires to take revenge against the Cullens for killing her mate James but there is a secret which the Cullens posses and she is unaware of it.
Bella gets more n more confused as she is forced to choose between the wolf and the vampire. While Jacob has already warned Edward to not turn Bella into a vampire, will he still do it? Bell wants it for sure but at the same time wants Jacob to be by her side.
So what is going to be? Human or vampire? Jacob or Edward? Morality or immorality?
To find out the answers, rush to the theatres near you and catch the action.
The movie has already release in America; some parts of Europe and Asia have different release dates. To check the release date of your country click the following link:
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