August 30, 2010

Ozzy Osbourne Tells Of Flight Tragedy

Rock wildman Ozzy Osbourne once had a nasty shock on a trip to the U.S. - a passenger sitting next to him on the plane died after suffering a seve re allergic reaction to his in-flight peanuts.
The former Black Sabbath frontman was travelling to the States when a fellow flier began struggling for breath as he munched on his snack.
The rocker was stunned when he realised the man had died - and he was faced with explaining the tragedy to shocked flight attendants.
In his column for Britain's Sunday Times Magazine, Osbourne writes, "I was on a plane once to America and the bloke next to me began making funny noises while eating his nuts. Next thing, I was sitting next to a corpse.
"The worst thing was having to press the buzzer to call for a flight at tendant, then explain why a bloke who'd been alive a few minutes earlier was suddenly face-down on his tray table. In the end they put a blanket over him and moved me to a seat in first class with champagne."
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