September 28, 2010

"Glee" Recap: Brittany Vs. Britney

John Stamos and Britney Spears made their much anticipated debuts on this week's "Glee."

Will protests the kids' suggestion for a Britney Spears assignment. As we all know, Britney has never been the most modest of pop stars. Will fears that Spears may not be the best role model for New Directions to emulate.

Brittany echoes this sentiment, but for a much different reason. Turns out, Brittany's full name is Brittany S. Pearce (pronunciation means everything here.) Living with the same name as the superstar has made for a difficult youth for the Cheerio.

While New Directions chews on the subject of Britney Spears, John Stamos heats things up as Emma's new boyfriend, Carl.

Carl, a dentist, comes to school to speak to New Directions about the importance of taking care of their mouths. This doesn't sit very well with Will, whose jealousy over Emma takes over. This prompts Will to admit that he still has feelings for Emma.

Brittany remains in focus when Dr. Carl acknowledges that she has the worst teeth he's ever seen. A quick visit to his office, he tells her, will be just the fix she needs.

With Britney on the mind, Brittany fantasizes a Britney Spears montage while under anesthesia.

With 68 cavities, Carl deems a second appointment necessary. Santana decides to go with (purely to support her friend of course - the hot dentist had nothing to do with her decision.) While with her friend, Santana demands to be put under as well.

This time it was "Me Against the Music" and an appearance from Ms. Spears herself.

Will finally gives in, letting the kids perform a Britney Spears routine at the homecoming pep rally.

This week's episode had a lot to live up to, following in the shoes of last season's Madge-ical "Power of Madonna." While the episode itself was strong, a lack of musical performances and a brief appearance from Britney Spears disappointed.
Glee: The Complete First Season
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