February 26, 2011

Charlie Sheen 'Shopping Tell-all Tome For $10 Million'

Troubled actor Charlie Sheen has explosive plans to make money now Two and a Half Men  has been pulled - he's reportedly hunting for a $10 million (£6.2 million) deal to release his memoirs.

The star's personal and professional life has been crumbling in recent weeks after he was hospitalised following a wild party with hookers.

He started a rehab stint at his Los Angeles home, but couldn't stay out of trouble - he viciously lashed out at Two and a Half Men writer Chuck Lorre, prompting producers to scrap the sitcom for the rest of the season.

And according to TMZ.com, Sheen has revealed he wants to lift the lid on his eight years on the show in an explosive book - titled When The Laughter Stopped.

He reportedly tells the website he will reveal all about behind-the-scenes events - and wants negotiations with publishers to start at $10 million.
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