May 25, 2011

Oprah Winfrey Says Goodbye in Final Show

After 25 years of hosting The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah said goodbye to fans in the series finale that tapped Tuesday afternoon. The only guest for the final show was Oprah herself. She called the episode a “love letter” to her fans.

Wearing a pink dress, Oprah took the stage and talked about her time as the most popular talk show host in the history of TV. She shared clips of her favorite episodes and offered advice to her fans. "I want to leave you with lessons from my life,” she said.

"Each one of you has your own platform. You can help somebody, you can listen, you can forgive. My greatest wish for all of you ... is that you carry whatever you are supposed to be doing and don't waste any more time,” Oprah, 57, said.

"You are responsible for the energy you create for yourself, and the energy you bring to others. Don't wait for somebody else to save you, to complete you, to fix you,” she told her fans.

"You and this show have been the greatest love of my life," Oprah later said as she fought back tears.

Oprah ended her 4,561st episode by saying, "I won't say goodbye, I'll just say until we meet again, to God be the glory."

She then walked off the stage, through the audience and out of the studio.

The Oprah Winfrey Show series finale airs Wednesday, May 25 at 4 p.m. ET.
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