May 23, 2011

Russell Brand Deported From Japan For Criminal Record

Comedian Russell Brand discovered over the weekend that he is not welcome in Japan. The comedian was deported from the country on Saturday after authorities discovered his criminal record. Brand’s record includes 11 arrests for public indecency and drug charges over 10 years ago.
Brand flew to Tokyo to watch his wife, Katy Perry, perform. Perry Tweeted about her husband’s run-in with authorities. "So… my husband just got deported from Japan," she wrote. "I am so sad. I brought him all this way to show him my favorite place. Tokyo dreams crushed."
"But of course I love my Japanese fans and the show must go on, no matter the daily aftershocks or husband kidnappings! It's not right but it's okay,” Perry, 26 added.
Brand also joked about the incident in several Tweets.
"Planning escape from Japanese custody. It's bloody hard to dig a tunnel with a chopstick,” he wrote.
"Stockholm syndrome [is] kicking in," Brand added. "Just asked my guard out for (vegetarian) sushi. He giggled."
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