June 23, 2011

Judges Orders Lindsay Lohan to Stop Having Parties on House Arrest

It turns out Lindsay Lohan was not guilty of violating her probation; she was just guilty of “extremely poor judgment,” according to Judge Stephanie Sautner. Although Lohan did test positive for alcohol, she was not in violation of her probation because Judge Elden Fox only ordered drug and alcohol tests in January and February.

"If you are guilty of some violation of your probation, I don't see it," Judge Sautner said during a hearing Thursday morning.

Lohan, who is on house arrest for misdemeanor theft charges, was scolded for throwing parties at her Venice condo. “What you are guilty of is extremely poor judgment,” Judge Sautner told Lohan. “House arrest is akin to jail."

Judge Sautner said Lohan is only allowed one guest at a time. "Don't give people a reason to hate you. Don't do stupid things," Sautner added.
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