July 26, 2011

How Did Amy Winehouse Die?

This is not a story about a “superstar” who lost her way and subsequently her life due to her decisions which lead to addiction to drugs and alcohol. I won’t list off for you all of the awards she received or the
magazines in which she was the feature story. This is not a story of her  success, because her success now has much less meaning. In the end she left those that loved her most to deal with the remnants of a life she chose to live and the choices that took that life away from her. This is the story of the pieces
left behind.

At the age of 27, Amy Winehouse had done  what millions of Americans do every single day, she battled an addiction. Unfortunately, we realize yet again that fame  and fortune is never going to be a drug rehab. Though there is no autopsy to corroborate this  information today, soon the so often heard news will once again plaster our  internet and magazine pages of a life cut way too short. It will read of  numerous drugs of elevated amounts that ultimately caused cardiac arrest and eventual death of this talented young lady.

Amy Winehouse was a daughter and an aunt and  a friend before she ever became a superstar of the music stage. This is the story that needs to be told because this is not anything new or more tragic
than the drug related deaths caused by poor choices made by others every day. The only difference is you just don’t hear about “Billy” who used play baseball in high school or “Susie” who loved to write poetry about the world she had not yet travelled. These  tragedies are not front page news or spreading across the world-wide web, but
they are no less tragic.

With millions of people addicted to drugs and alcohol in the U.S., even checking into drug rehab every day, and sadly, hundreds who decide not to - many of them dying every day, the headlines  of stars that die are only a grain of sand in the overall epidemic of addiction related deaths. As much as I wish to never read of another life cut short for those with gifts of music or drama, imagine if every drug related death became front page news. Imagine the stories of “Billy” and “Susie” on the front page
when you open your paper at the breakfast table or when you log-on to your computer. These tragedies might make the obituaries of your local paper with  funeral schedules and a couple lines to describe the person ripped from the ones who loved them. This in itself maybe almost as tragic.

If you know of someone who is suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, there is a drug rehab in Springhill Florida in Hernando County that can help. Please don’t let them continue  on their path of poor decisions and destruction and become another untold story. Get them help,
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