July 31, 2011

It's All Gaga: Lady Gaga First to 12,000,000 Twitter Followers!

The milestones keep a coming for Lady Gaga as she has become the first Earthling to reach the lofty target of 12,000,000 Twitter followers. Gaga accomplished the feat Thursday, July 28, 2011 and as of this writing has 12,079,517 followers. She is ahead of Canadian teen Justin Bieber by about 800,000 followers.

Lady Gaga was the first to hit 9,000,000 Twitter followers, pulling that off in March of 2011 and since has eclipsed new milestones every two months or so. She had vaulted into the Twitter lead somewhere back around 6 million followers when she passed Britney Spears in August of 2010. Spears had been the top Twitter dog for some time but has fallen on hard Twitter times and now sits in fifth place overall with 8,699,644 followers.
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