August 30, 2011

Is Cher Supportive Of Chaz Bono’s ‘Dancing’ Gig?

He’s the son of Cher, but don’t expect Chaz Bono to opt for wild get ups on “Dancing with the Stars.”
“I’m a little bit more conservative than she is,” Chaz told Access Hollywood Live’s Kit Hoover on Monday evening, when asked if his mom’s glitz wore off on the 42-year-old. “So [I’ll be wearing] tasteful suits, nice lines, that kind of thing.”
Chaz said he told his mother about competing on “Dancing” recently and like a typical mom, Cher had a lot of questions.
“I told her via phone and her reaction was that she thought it was cool that I was doing it and wanted to know how I felt when I started, if I was nervous – all of those things,” he said.
The famous offspring was sporting a bit of a beard at last night’s announcement and he was proud of it.
“Thank you, I appreciate it,” Chaz said when Kit said she liked his scruff. “It’s the first thing I could grow, so I’m pretty psyched about it.”
Chaz said he is looking forward to taking on the ballroom as a leading man. Read more>>
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