September 21, 2011

Jane Lynch Kept Gay Secret From Her Parents For A Decade

Gay Glee star Jane Lynch kept her "affair" with a college teacher a secret from her parents for a decade.
The actress realised she was gay while she was growing up in Illinois and swore to keep her sexuality to herself, but she started to loosen up at college after falling for a female lecturer.
She says, "I had a crush on a teacher... and we had a little affair."
But Lynch felt she couldn't tell her parents about the fling.
She adds, "I didn't tell my parents until I was almost 32, so I went about 10/11 years not being honest with my parents and we were very distant from each other.
"I did not feel a part of the family and it really, really tore me up, so I went to see a psychologist, who said, 'Why don't you write them a letter, you won't send it...' You're really honest and you say how you feel and it was really lovely... and I said, 'I think I'll send it.'"
Her folks were very accepting of the fact their daughter was gay - and Lynch feels she did the right thing in waiting to reveal the news.
She explains, "When I was 32 the situation was different with my family than when I was 18 in 1978... Nobody talked about gay people and if I were to tell my parents when I was 18 that I was gay I think I would have freaked them out, they would have been afraid for me... It was a different story in 1992."

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