September 26, 2011

Lady Gaga And Cher Make 'History' On 'Greatest Thing'

For all the Lady Gaga and Cher fans out there who fainted at the news that two of pop music's biggest stars have teamed up on a soon-to-be released record, your wait is almost over!

Cher herself confirmed via Twitter back in August that we would hear "The Greatest Thing" sometime in September, and because the month is quickly coming to an end, we should only have a few more days to wait to hear the highly anticipated track.

To hold you over until the release, MTV News recently caught up with RedOne, the producer mastermind behind the soon-to-be hit, to find out how the song came to be and why everyone will love it.

"[Gaga and I] recorded the song a few years ago, and we were always in the studio enjoying that song. It's weird we never did anything with it," he said. "So I remember my management and Cher's management were trying to get us together, and I thought, 'Oh my God, I'd love to meet Cher, just to meet her!' And so I met her, I played her some songs, and I played her 'The Greatest Thing,' and she loved it. She said, 'This is my song,' I said, 'Yes, it's your song.' "
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