September 30, 2011

Simon Cowell Denies Calling Beyonce, Lady Gaga 'Boring'

Simon Cowell is conducting damage control following some insulting statements he allegedly made recently. The always outspoken "X Factor"judge reportedly said that Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and even Beyoncé lack the full-scale X factor that he's looking for on his Fox reality show.

So, what got Cowell into so much hot water? "If you only ever heard Lady Gaga, she's the most boring singer in the world," he reportedly told The Mirror. "You've got to see her — you need TV. Same with Beyoncé. Or Katy Perry. We're all about image. You have to have that X factor."

Well, he is now going on the record to let everyone know they've got it all wrong. "This was completely misreported. It's the complete opposite, in fact," Cowell's rep told "Simon is a massive fan of both [Gaga and Beyoncé] and he always refers to them as amongst the artists he most admires. He thinks they are two of the most interesting, talented and relevant artists today."
Source: MTV News
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