October 19, 2011

Can Developing New Talent, Danielle Dease Be The Next Big Pop Star?

Ever wonder where the next teen-wonder will come from? 14-year old Danielle Dease, from Rock Hill, South Carolina, is a main contender for that honor. She already has an EP out, called Secret Admirer, a growing fan-base and a distribution deal with FYE Entertainment across the country. Her manager John Wynne engineered the deal which he says makes all the difference if you have the right talent. “When I met up with Dani and her family, I knew there was something there and brought in producer Dan Guerrie who was unquestionably the right choice. FYE has been so supportive; they're absolutely the right choice for us right now.” He also brought in media-person David Salidor, who has worked on Madonna and Debbie Gibson. Says Salidor, “John  and I had touched base a few years back on a project that never quite came to fruition, but he's got the expertise needed in developing a new talent; Danielle is the real deal. One listen to her EP tells you that. Now, we've just got to roll it out.” She's also put together her first band and is doing a smattering of songs in addition to tracks form the EP, most noticeably Joan Jett's “I Love Rock 'n Roll” and “Rolling In The Deep” by way of Adele. “I'm a huge fan of hers.” Manager Wynne has also set in motion a Toys For Tots foundation event in early December. "It's a perfect opportunity for someone like Dani; it'll be a terrific moment for sure." So, does a 14-year old have what it takes for this business? “I've sung all my life … first in my school choir and praise team at Church, so I've wanted this all my life.” Adds Salidor, “The teen-marketplace right now is at an unparalleled level; there's always been a new teen idol on the horizon; that's the lifeblood of this industry ... it keeps it all very fluid and exciting!”
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