October 25, 2011

Cher Not Happy With Dancing With The Stars Judge Bruno Tonioli

Cher went on her Twitter to rant about Dancing with the Stars judge Bruno Tonioli after he referred to Chaz Bono as a "little penguin", after a tango inspired byPhantom of the Opera.

She wrote: "That guy has no room 2 (to) talk "Little penguins"… I find it disrespectful that Bruno refers to Chaz as a "little penguin"…Is it Dwts or Looking Perfect Wts (what the s**t)? Its easy 4 (for) him 2 (to) take cheap shots at chaz! Let him come 2 (to) "my" stage. I could teach his little arm waving a** some manners! Critique Chaz's dance style, movements etc, but don't make fun of my child on nat.tv (national television). It's not about Chaz winning! He's doing his best & he will stay as long as he stays! Thats "show business" but, dont b (be) unkind 4 (for) no reason. Mean is not funny… Bruno's reason, pure selfishness! His only concern was 2b (to be his) usual funny animated self, at Chaz's expense!
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