October 7, 2011

Report says Ashton and Demi Have Separated

Hollywood marriages don’t always fare well and a large number of them end in court with high-power divorce attorneys. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore seemed to be a  marriage with longevity, but it seems that they too are headed for divorce  after stories alleging infidelity leaked to the media.

Now, Radar Online has reported that the couple separated several weeks ago before Kutcher spent the night with a younger woman. The  woman Kutcher was caught cheating with is Sarah Leal and a source, who was at  the club the night they met, which was Demi and Ashton’s sixth wedding anniversary, confirmed that the two had sexual relations.

According to some sources Kutcher has been accused of  cheating on Demi in the past, but the couple was going to counseling to repair their broken marriage. For Demi, the latest infidelity
was the final straw. Cheating is one of the leading reasons people hire divorce lawyers to dissolve their

Kutcher denied infidelity rumors last year and has been  silent about the most recent allegation. Photos of Ashton with the two women  have been circulated on the internet. Neither Demi nor Ashton has confirmed the  divorce rumors, but many think it is inevitable. Sources close to Demi say she
is devastated by the infidelity.

Demi and Ashton have combined assets of roughly $290  million. Each will need to protect those assets and that will require the expertise of a divorce attorney.
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