October 29, 2011

Robert Pattinson Opens Up About Twilight Sex Scenes With Kristen Stewart

Summit Entertainment

In a press conference in Stockholm, Sweden on Friday, Robert Pattinson opened up about filming sex scenes for Breaking Dawn with real life love Kristen Stewart. Admitting that they both found the scenes “difficult,” Pattinson said the set was “crazy” with everyone giving different opinions on how Bella and Edward should act.

“The sex scenes were difficult. The set was crazy and you have about 20 people in the room and someone saying things like: 'No, Bella would not have made that noise. Can we do it again?'” he said.
"It was very charged, but a very tender and sentimental scene. It's not a scene from the book, so everyone was nervous about doing it right," Pattinson said. "A ton of other people were nervous. And, Kristen and I were both worried about the shape of our bodies would look on camera. We felt vulnerable."
“It's funny that all three movies portray sex as something scary and then, when they have sex in the fourth movie, they have a child with really rather devastating consequences," he added.
Breaking Dawn Part 1 opens in theaters November 18.
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