November 4, 2011

Justin Bieber Baby Scandal: Lawyers Claim “Credible Evidence” Shows He Fathered Child

The Justin Bieber baby scandal gained momentum Thursday night when lawyers for Mariah Yeater claimed they have “credible evidence” that supports the pop star is the father of Yeater’s 3-month-old son Tristyn. During an interview on HLN, Lance Rogers and Matthew Pare said they have not disclosed the evidence in order to “give Justin Bieber an opportunity to resolve this.”

Pare said they were “left with no other choice” than to file a lawsuit demanding Bieber take a paternity test because the singer had previously refused to respond to Yeater’s requests for child support. When asked about the possibility that Bieber may take legal action against Yeater if her allegations are false, Pare said it is “highly unlikely based on the evidence we have, not all of which has been released to the media, by any means.”

Meanwhile, Bieber has continued to maintain his innocence. "Never met the woman. I'd just like to say, basically, that none of those allegations are true," the singer said Friday on the Today show. "I know that I'm going to be a target, but I'm never going to be a victim.”
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