November 22, 2011

Justin Bieber Camp Waiting For Mariah Yeater To Submit DNA

Justin Bieber has taken steps to put an end to accusations that he fathered a child with a California woman by submitting DNA for a paternity test, and now the only thing holding up the results is the accuser herself. Sources say while Bieber, 17, provided DNA at a clinic under “very controlled circumstances” last Friday, Mariah Yeater has yet to provide DNA from her 4-month-old son Tristyn.
Bieber has not commented. His longtime manager Scooter Braun recently said that they will take necessary legal actions to ensure there are consequences for Yeater’s allegations.
"I think it's important to hold people accountable for their actions. At the end of the day, we could shy away from it but I think it's important not only for [Bieber] but for all the people in his position to make a statement that it's not cool," Braun said in an interview with Extra.
"He's trying to be a role model and you're not going to come in and just slander him and walk away and everything's fine ... We're going to let people know that if we have to defend ourselves, there's going to be consequences to their actions," he added.
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