November 2, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Ordered Back To Jail

Lindsay Lohan is going back to jail. The troubled actress was sentenced to 30 days in jail Wednesday after admitting to violating probation in her theft case by skipping therapy sessions and not completing community service. Lohan’s sentence also came with strict rules on how she is to complete her jail time as well as her remaining community service and therapy.
"You are not to be eligible for house arrest, electronic monitoring, or any other early release other than that required by the law," Judge Stephanie Saunter said. "When you get out, you're to report on the next business day to the probation office."
Lohan will likely only serve 6 days of her sentence due to overcrowding at the jail. She must report to jail by November 9.
Saunter then gave Lohan time frames in which she had to complete certain amounts of therapy sessions and community service at the Los Angeles morgue. Her first requirement is to complete 12 days of community service and attend 4 therapy sessions by December 14. The requirements continue until March 29. "Then you will have completed everything the court ordered. If you do that, then this jail time will be permanently stayed," Sautner said. "We won't have to see each other again unless you do something that violates that law."
If Lohan completes her community service and therapy in the designated time frames, she will avoid having to serve 270 days in jail.
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