December 14, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Receives Praise in Court

It’s a Christmas Miracle!

Lindsay Lohan just received praise at her court hearing from judge Stephanie Sautner for regularly attending her probation work at the morgue as well as her court-ordered counseling sessions.

The judge was in such a good mood from Lindsay’s progress, she was even cracking jokes and told Lindsay quote, “you’re doing well.”
If Lindsay gets ahead on her work at the Morgue, she may even clear up all her legal woes by February – a month ahead of schedule!
The star certainly looked refreshed from her Hawaiian getaway earlier in the week, despite having lost $10,000 that was stolen from her purse AND missing her flight back to LA in time to appear on the talk show Ellen. She looked conservative in gray slacks and an off-white sweater with her hair pulled back.

Travel issues aside, Lindsay seems to be right on track.

This could be Lindsay’s happiest holiday yet!

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