December 16, 2011

Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul: A Little Too Close?

Simon Cowell will be spending Christmas alone this year. With all of Simon’s X-Factor madness, it doesn’t sound like he’s had much time to work on his relationship with fiancée Mezhgan Hussainy.
There have been rumors about a split between the 52 year-old music mogul and his makeup artist fiancée for months now, but the two have not confirmed a breakup.
    However, Simon’s recent comments that he has considered having sex with his co- X-factor judge Paula Abdull probably haven’t helped his relationship with his fiancé much…
    Simon and Paula have been suspected of being a little TOO close for a while now. The pair are often spotted cuddling and flirting during red carpet events and while on-air!
    Simon says that he never went through with sleeping with Paula though, because he, “doesn’t think the after would be as good as the before.”
     Well we don’t think your time AFTER the X-Factor this season will be as fun as the before… All alone, it could be a blue Christmas for you!
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