March 7, 2012

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Divorce is Still Going Through Despite The Rumors

Arnold Schwarzenegger says that despite the rumors of reconciliation he and Maria are still going through with their divorce.

The former Governor told “Extra” on Monday and addressed the rumors that they were reconciling. The rumors resurfaced last week when TMZ reported that the duo was spotted having lunch and buying furniture. The New York Post also reported the couple was attending counseling.

“We work together even though we are going through a divorce,” the actor said and added, “Luckily, Maria has been a terrific mother.”

Schwarzenegger also told the host Mario Lopez that he has been “spending a lot of time on his personal life, making sure the children grow up well-adjusted and that they get a great education.”

Maria enlisted the help of a divorce attorney and filed papers last July after news that Arnold fathered a child with one of their maids surfaced. Other people came out and talked about Schwarzenegger’s philandering ways and allege that he had numerous affairs.

The on-again off-again divorce rumors keep surfacing because sources say that Maria’s Catholic beliefs is at odds with divorce.

Infidelity is a major contributor to high divorce rates. Many couples do not survive after cheating and hire accomplished divorce lawyers to end their nuptials.

In any divorce whether the couples have lots of assets or little assets they need the experience of a divorce attorney to help them reach agreeable settlements and child custody.
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