March 28, 2012

Celebrity Drug Addiction: Burt Reynolds' Addiction

Famous Hollywood actor and American Icon Burt Reynolds was admitted to the Hanley Center in Florida last month after a traumatic fall at his home in Hobe Sound. He was found by the house assistant lying in a pool of his own blood and was quickly transported to the hospital in West Palm Beach. Reynolds later confessed that the fall had been cause by continuous usage of prescription opiates which had caused him to lose balance and fall, causing a large gash. Upon admission, doctors became concerned about his mental state and he was sent to the county mental health facility in West Palm Beach. Supposedly, the facility refused to release him unless he agreed to go immediately into a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program.

Reynolds had admitted to increasing abuse of prescription drugs, mainly painkillers, as well as developing a reliance on sleeping aid Halcion after turning to the drug to ease the terrible pain he felt from temporomandibular joint disorder in the 1980′s. At this point, Reynolds had realized he had become a prisoner of prescription pills, and agreed that Drug Rehab would help restore his life. However, Reynolds insists that he had began abusing the prescription drugs after undergoing painful surgery on his back, and had lost control of his addiction soon thereafter.

The story of Burt Reynolds becoming addicted to pain killers after painful surgery is an all too common tale. The amount of prescription medications being distributed in this country, whether they be opiates, anti-anxiety meds, or medical marijuana all have an effect on the people they are prescribed to, and ultimately could very well begin a chemical dependency. If you think you may have a drug addiction, one of the best decisions you will ever make is to seek the help of a professional Drug Treatment facility. Like Burt Reynolds, even the strongest people are no match for the addictive effects of prescription drugs. Affordable Drug Treatment is more easily attainable that many people think, and could very well be the best investment you will ever make, because you are investing in yourself and your future.

Reynolds was discharged from the Drug Rehabilitation Center earlier this week after completing a 30-day Drug Treatment Program, and plans to go public with his personal struggle to help ease the stigma surrounding drug addiction. In a statement, he says; “I felt that in spite of the fact I am supposedly a big tough guy, I couldn’t beat prescription drugs on my own. I’ve worked hard to get off of them and really hope other people will realize they need to seek professional help, rather than ignoring the problem or trying to get off of the prescriptions on their own.” Reynolds urges others suffering similar addictions to learn from his experience and to reach out for help from professional Drug Treatment Programs to help kick their habits, because sometimes it is too tough to do alone.

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