March 4, 2012

The Mac Wire's New Female Artist Pick To Click: “The Lady” Jenn Bocian

“The Lady” Jenn Bocian is a classically trained Harrisburg, PA, native with a big voice, sexy looks and is poising herself to go for the big time. Even though she is not a major label artist, she recently was written about in both the New York Post and Maxim Magazine, who cited that she not only had a great voice but said she could carry off the "sexy schoolgirl" look better than anyone this side of Britney Spears (her video for the single "Don't Love You" features her and some sexy dancers wearing school girls outfits). She can sing jazz just as well as rock or pop, and is considered to have the true diva range a la Jennifer Hudson or Mariah Carey. She recently knocked attendees off their feet at the Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, where she performed her two singles as well as new material and met with both veteran execs and up-and-comers in the music biz, and performed at a New York Fashion Week suite at the trendy Essex Restaurant on the Lower East Side where she also mingled with fashionistas and glitterati. She also performed to rave reviews at New York’s famed Irving Plaza back on September 14th, 2011.

She recently did some recording in NYC to follow up on her two 2011 singles "Don't Love You" and "Last" and set dates to start in April for live shows that will have her entertaining US service men and women on military bases throughout the country. She'll be performing alongside the likes of Sean Paul, Shaggy, Rayvon, The New York Funk Exchange, and others to be named over the next 30 days. Her debut CD (simply titled The Lady Jenn Bocian) will have a major release event scheduled to take place at the world-famous Yankee Stadium, where she'll be host to various entertainment industry representatives, local city officials, and print/social media. Apparently, she likes to do things big!  We hear at have a keen eye on "The Lady" and her escapades, and think that she might just be giving that OTHER Lady named Gaga a run for her money!

For more info on Jenn, go to and be sure to follow Jenn on Twitter (her handle is @TheLadyJenn). Also check out her official Facebook page, and tell Jenn that you were turned onto her by M. Raso

Photos Courtesy Adam Kluger PR

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