April 7, 2012

Kiss Frontman, Gene Simmons, Says He Didn't Endorse Mitt Romney

Kiss frontman Gene Simmons insists he wasn't endorsing Mitt Romney when he made supportive comments about him on Tuesday.

Asked on Fox News who his pick was for president, Simmons said, "Strictly speaking on the economy and in my humble opinion, Mitt Romney."

Simmons also said he regretted supporting Barack Obama in 2008, and believed Romney was a stronger candidate than Obama.

But on Friday, Simmons tweeted, "I HAVE NOT ENDORSED MITT ROMNEY FOR PRES" with a link to comments on his website.

"I was quoted on Fox as saying I prefer Gov Romney only as far as fiscal economic areas are concerned. And I stand by that comment," he wrote. "But I have not endorsed either Gov Romney or Pres Obama....The next election is coming up and for some reason, both the left and right of the political spectrum are curious who I will vote for. I have no idea why anyone would be interested in who I would vote for...or for that matter who anyone else would vote for. I HAVE NOT MADE UP MY MIND."

Simmons did predict that Romney would be the Republican nominee, writing, "Mr. Santorum is unelectable in my estimation. Mr. Gingrich comes with some baggage that won't work for the women of America. Mr. Paul has some interesting ideas that seem appealing on the surface, but other ideas strike me as far too idealistic and not very pragmatic."

Simmons wrote that he would make up his mind privately before the general election.

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