May 9, 2012

Actor John Travolta Denies Sexual Harassment Charges

John Travolta has been hit with not one, but two sexual harassment lawsuits filed by two male massage therapists, who allege the actor subjected them to workplace abuse.

Both men, who are only identified as Doe plaintiff #1 and Doe plaintiff #2, hired a sexual harassment attorney and are seeking $2 million in punitive damages.

According to Doe plaintiff #1’s allegations, Travolta would touch him against his will and grabbed his scrotum and penis after stripping completely naked, among other harassing behaviors. Doe plaintiff #2 also stated that Travolta tried to initiate a three way with him and a “Hollywood starlet.”

Doe plaintiff #2 said on one occasion Travolta requested a buttocks massage, during which he would move around in an effort to get Doe Plaintiff #2 to touch his penis and anus. Travolta then tried to force Doe plaintiff #2 to touch his scrotum.

Sexual harassment creates a hostile workplace for the targets of the abuse and makes them deserving of financial compensation. These are serious allegations, and if a sexual harassment lawyer can prove they are true, the men will be eligible for the compensation they are seeking.

Travolta vehemently denies the allegations, calling the allegations a “baseless lie” and has filed a counter-suit against the men and their attorney.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is all too common and the victims of this hostile behavior must turn to a sexual harassment lawyer to help them end the abuse and recover any of their lost wages due to emotional distress.
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