May 24, 2012

Aerosmith Debuts New Song 'Legendary Child' on 'American Idol

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler briefly stepped away from his judging duties on American Idol during Wednesday's finale to debut the band's first new song in six years.

The song, "Legendary Child," is the first single to be released from Aerosmith's new album "Music From Another Dimension." Rolling Stone reported that the album will be released on Aug. 28.

"The song is a rager, and Tyler, best known on the show for his clever, from left field one-liners, was in full on rock star mode once he got in front of that crowd," the blog said.

The band also played its hit "Walk This Way."

The new song can be heard on Aerosmith's website , which announced that the album is available for pre-order on iTunes .

The band's Global Warming Tour is scheduled to start June 16. —Fox News

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