May 21, 2012

Fox's House To Conclude This Week

Fox's long-running medical drama "House" will come to close this week after eight seasons. The show is led by Hugh Laurie, who plays the harsh tongued Dr. Gregory House, and Laurie says he's satisfied with the show's success.

"I feel a huge satisfaction that we got to the end with our dignity intact," he tells the Washington Post. "I never felt that we did anything that wasn't true to the character or the show — like, 'House gets a puppy.' I think that's quite an achievement."

Laurie adds that the main character's harsh personality was what ultimately set the show apart:

"Traditionally in an American drama, the damaged, sarcastic cynic would be a peripheral character," Laurie adds. "To make someone so apparently jagged and unsympathetic into the central character was a very bold step. And so was clinging to that premise, never relenting to suggest that, underneath it all, he has a heart of gold. I'm not sure that House does have a heart of gold. He is on the side of the angels, but that doesn't mean that he's an angel."

The show concludes with a one-hour retrospective on Monday at 8 p.m. followed immediately by the series finale.
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