May 22, 2012

'House' Closes Its Doors: But How Did It End?

The Hugh Laurie -starring 'House' drew to a close last night (May 21, 2012), with many fearing that this most excellent of hospital dramas would have an ending as grim as much of its subject matter over the previous eight seasons. The penultimate episode had left off with Gregory House facing jail, whilst his soul mate Dr. James Wilson had less than five months to live after a battle with cancer. Not looking good then.

However, as E! Online reports, the writers behind the program gave us a darn fine twist and a happy ending after all, albeit a typical 'House'-esque one which saw happiness found amidst a larger backdrop of probable doom. At first it seemed like House was dead, after being identified in a burning building and even having a funeral take place in his memory. It was all a ruse though! And as Wilson read out a touching eulogy for the doctor, he received a text telling him to shut up and calling him an idiot. Vintage House!

So, yeah, turns out that Laurie's character had merely faked his own death, after first considering suicide, and sought to escape so that he could spend the last of Wilson's days with him, rather than ending up in choky. Heart-warming. As such the final scene was of the pair riding off into the sunset on motorcycles, providing a wonderfully fitting end - and though House would surely be in a whole heap of trouble upon his return, that's not for any of us to know about.

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