May 23, 2012

Miley Cyrus Speaks About The Joy Of Sex

Miley Cyrus says that sex "is a beautiful thing" and shouldn't be used to measure one's worth.

While appearing on the Demi Moore-produced show, "The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet," the discussion turned toward the topic of teenage girls and sex.

"I was talking about this at dinner last night," Cyrus, 19, said. "The girls that really base how much they're worth on the sexual favors they can do for somebody, that makes me really sad.

"Because sex is actually really beautiful. It's the only way we create, and it's the only way the world keeps going," she added.

Cyrus, who is dating Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, said that she did not feel parents should be so nervous to talk to their kids about sex.

"It's ignorant not to talk to your kids about it or not make it seem as magical or cool as it actually is," the former tween star said.

"Kids have a TV, so they know what sex is. So educate them and let them know ... it's a beautiful thing, and it is magic, and it's when you connect with somebody. And it isn't how much you're worth. Your worth isn't based on that, your worth is based on how you feel about yourself."

The former Disney star has been hard at work sexing up her image as of late. On Sunday night, she appeared at the Billboard Music Awards wearing just a white tuxedo jacket. The ensemble not only showed off her yoga-toned legs, but also her cleavage. On Monday, the star was spotted pumping gas in a revealing cut-away top.

During the interview, de Cadenet asked Cyrus about her more grown-up appearance.

"[I'm] not sitting there trying to be sexy," Cyrus replied. "If people find you sexy, take it as a compliment ... It's just who I am. Thank you for thinking I'm sexy."

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