May 6, 2012

A New Generation To See Michael Jackson's Mug On Pepsi Cans

PepsciCo Inc. has negotiated a new sponshorship deal with the Michael Jackson estate. the company will release 1 billion soda cans with the image of the pop icon on it. Originally, Jackson's mug was a familar face on Pepsi cans in the 1980s.

The new cans will be released in China before hitting the United States later this month. They will feature Jackson striking one of his iconic poses.

The new Jackson deal with Pepsi is part of the company's worldwide "Live For Now" campaign. It will also include television ads in some markets and chances to download remixes of some of the pop star's most famous songs.

According to Brad Jakeman, who oversees the creative strategy for Pepsi's carbonated productions around the world, the campaign is intended to expand the company's longstanding ties with pop culture.

Jackson died in 2009.
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