June 27, 2012

Kris Humphries Deposed by Kim’s Divorce Team

Their marriage only lasted for 72 days, but their divorce battle is turning into a long and drawn out drama, keeping fame hungry Kim in the news. This week, Kim’s divorce attorney, Laura Wasser deposed Humphries in his hometown, ahead of the impending court date.

Humphries was questioned about whether he talked to his “girlfriend” and Kimmy lookalike, Myla Sinanaj about his marriage. Kris allegedly told Sinanaj that he believes Kim cheated on him with current beau Kanye West. Sinanaj previously told TMZ that Kris confided in her about his short marriage, alleging that the sex tape which propelled Kim to fame was staged for the express purpose.

Sources say that Kris admitted to speaking generally about Kim with Sinanaj, but not about their divorce. He said in the deposition that he talked about Kim when asked questions like “What is she like in real life?”

Kris is reportedly seeking millions of dollars, but most importantly, wants to expose Kim as a fraud. He however did not present any evidence in the deposition which would prove Kim married him to drum up publicity for her reality show. Kris stated he was saving that evidence for their divorce trial.

Kris’s divorce lawyer, Lee Hutton will be flying to California to depose Kim within the next ten days.
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