July 19, 2012

Author Mark Bego on Aretha Franklin and American IdolL

“Aretha Franklin has long been revered as the epitome in the terms of ‘singing icon’ and ‘musical legend,’ so on one hand her volunteering to  join the cast of ‘American Idol’ seems to be a brilliant and refreshing  idea that would assuredly interpret into ‘press worthiness’ and ‘viewer
anticipation.’ She’s a veteran of the music industry; having worked with such revered figures as ‘Arif Mardin’ and ‘Jerry Wexler;’ but Miss Franklin also carries with her a lifelong  reputation as a fickle diva who is totally out of touch with reality. Don’t forget, she earned her reputation as ‘Queen of Soul,’ and as a mentor developing new acts, she’d be a fine choice. Truth be told, she’d definitely be a shot in the arm for the ailing show.”
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