July 7, 2012

Divorce Takes Center Stage in Katy Perry’s ‘Part of Me’

Katy Perry’s new 3-D movie “Part of Me” has hit theatres, giving fans an inside look into the life of a pop diva. And while it is primarily a concert movie, her divorce from British comedian Russell Brand also takes center stage.

Katy was in the processing of filming ‘Part of Me” when Russell filed for divorce so some of the scenes in the new film highlight her emotional struggle. MTV News caught up with Perry and asked her what she gained from giving fans an insight into her break up with Russell.

“It’s not about the problem; it’s about how you solve it,” Katy said, hoping her fans can take her lesson to heart, “And if I can be an example, showing people they don’t have to lay low and die just because they have been thrown a curve ball, then that’s great.”

In the movie, Katy also blamed Russell for their decay of their marriage. According to Katy, Russell’s failure to visit her while she was on her California Dream caused their breakup. She stated she would travel to see him on her down time, but Russell didn’t make the same effort.

In December of 2011, Russell hired a divorce attorney and officially filed for divorce. He was in England visiting family and she was in Hawaii.

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