July 4, 2012

Tom Cruise Will File Rival Divorce Case, Lawyer Says

Last week, Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise, making a bold move by asking for sole custody of their six year-old daughter Suri. And the media has been on her tail ever since, and eagerly anticipating Tom’s next move.

Cruise has been relatively silent about Holmes’ divorce petition only, saying only that, “he was deeply saddened,” through a spokesman. But his silence shouldn’t be taken as a sign that he won’t put up a fight for custody of Suri.

Speaking to BBC 1 radio, Cruise’s divorce attorney, Bret Fields said, “We are letting ‘the other side’ (Katie’s legal team) play the media until they wear everyone out then we’ll have something to say.”

Fields confirmed that Cruise will file a rival divorce claim, but did not indicate where, which will impact the way custody is awarded. He told BBC Newsbeat, “Tactically, we can’t say where Tom will file a divorce case and if he will be seeking joint custody of Suri.”

Scientology has been thrust into the spotlight again since Katie hired a team of divorce lawyers. Many in the media have speculated that Katie wants to keep Suri from being drawn deeper into the religion, which is the subject of much controversy, with defectors claiming physical and mental abuse as children by church leaders and members.

Cruise is one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors, and with all that money and power this could end up being a nasty child custody case.
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