September 11, 2012

Blake Lively: "I Want 30 Kids"

No one can say that Blake Lively is not living up to her name… The girl is definitely lively. The newlywed actress tells Allure magazine that she’s so peaceful right now, she’s never been happier in her life, and it’s not just because she landed her new hubby, Ryan Reynolds.Actually, Blake says it’s a choice to wake up everyday and say ‘there’s no reason today can’t be the best day of your life.’ And she plans on sharing that positivity… Blake says she would have 30 children if she could… Ha, hear that Ryan? Better get busy. 
But Blake attributes her happiness on her sense of adventure and lack of restrictions… Like even though she looks like this, she would go on a food trip and try every ice cream place in the South, even if her body… Went a little south too. 

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