October 21, 2012

Dolly Parton Nets Fortune Whitney Houston

Dolly Parton says she received a "tremendous boost" in songwriting royalties for her song I Will Always Love You following Whitney Houston's death earlier this year.

Houston's 1992 version of the ballad, which Parton wrote in the 1970's, returned to the top of the charts after she passed away in February, as fans flocked to purchase her signature hit.

The country singer previously admitted she was left "shattered" by Houston's death, and now she has revealed she netted a fortune from the international smash.

Parton tells Britain's Daily Star Sunday, "I've had a tremendous boost in finances since Whitney passed on because there have been lots of new Best Of albums and different people recording the song.

"It really did boost sales. I am so thankful to God for that and to Whitney who did such a good job with it. She made the song go worldwide when it was first released. It's a song which keeps me in wigs, hair and make-up."

Parton, who is said to be worth an estimated $400 million, adds, "I still need to work - I have a big family to support. Nobody ever makes that much money, not the kind of money I spend anyway!"

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