October 17, 2012

Lady Gaga Runs For President of The United States?!

So, can't decide between Obama or Romney for 2012? How about GAGA for 2012! She may be holding the key to your decision. Just how would Gaga change the world? Watch to find out! Cast your ballot, Little Monsters! Have you heard? Gaga for president, spread the word!" Check out the latest VIRAL VIDEO! PRESIDENT GAGA - by THE HILLYWOOD SHOW®

The Hillywood Show® has joined Facinelli Films (PETER FACINELLI - FILM CREDITS INCULDE: "The Twilight Saga", "Nurse Jackie", "Can't Hardly Wait", and more) and MyISH to release PRESIDENT GAGA!

From the Creators of last year's viral video, "Lady Gaga's - GAGAWEEN" The Hillywood Show® brings you a presidential parody to remember!


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