October 20, 2012

Taylor Swift Was Dumped By One Directions’ Harry Styles

Taylor Swift was left heartbroken after she was dumped by One Direction singer Harry Styles.

Hard to imagine right?

Well apparently it did.

The 24 year-old country singer was reportedly wearing her love goggles when she hooked up with the 18 year-old UK boy band heart-throb, and it all happened right before dating Conor Kennedy.

The whole relationship crashed and burned when Harry was caught kissing model Emily Ostilly.

A source told RadarOnline that even though they weren’t exclusive, Harry told Taylor he didn’t want her seeing anyone else, just before he toured to New Zealand and was caught in the act.

Harry sent her multiple texts begging for a chance to explain but the damage was done.

Makes you wonder if there is a song up her sleeve about this one.
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