November 28, 2012

Weekend Concert Pick: "An Evening With The Monkees" At The Beacon Theater, Sunday, 12-2, 8PM

By Anne M. Raso

Monkees fans around the world are still in shock over the untimely death of Davy Jones earlier this year and most think the group is simply not the real deal without the sunny song and dance man who had been doing the large club and small theater circuit on a regular basis before his untimely passing. But out of all bad comes some good (as the old saying goes), and Michael Nesmith--who had only played with the band twice (in Tokyo and London) since their breakup 40-plus years ago made the announcement he would be joining up with the current Monkees tour shortly after a memorial in LA at Micky's ex-wife Samantha Juste's house. It surprised everyone more than a...well, out of control barrel of monkeys!

There are many rumors about Nesmith rejoined with his old goofy band mates--from big money to being unable to tour in the past due to hearing problems that have since been corrected through surgery. But the reunion with Nesmith happened "organically" after Jones passed away according to Micky Dolenz. Nesmith himself said to "This seems like a good time to do this – the right time. Who knows when we will get another chance?”

Davy's death was of particular grief to us here at The Mac Wire since we had interviewed him many times over the years and were about to reschedule an interview that couldn't happen due to time constraints at BB King's in Times Square only a few days before his death in the West Palm Beach area! This writer was lucky in that at the BB King's show earlier this year, Davy cajoled me from the stage after I was bold enough to run up and take flash photos. He made believed he was annoyed at me, said he was calling the cops--and then told me to have a drink on the keyboard player. I gave thumbs up as the drummer did a rim shot!

The current Monkees tour has been getting many great reviews, and has sold out. The show at the Beacon promises to be one of the highlights of the fans have never gotten to hear Nesmith do the songs he made popular as part of America's answer to The Beatles! We will be there with bells on.... or rather, with tambourines glued to our hips, in honor of Jones (who was introduced at his shows in later years as "the world's greatest tambourine player").

There are no tickets left for the show, which starts at 8:00 at the Beacon Theater on Sunday, but it is legal to buy them from people selling them at face value on the street. (Just for the record, all The Monkees’ East Coast dates sold out in ONE DAY!) So we suggest you try to buy up one of those tickets in front of the show--be sure to get there about an hour before show time for that opportunity. And just for the record, the Last Train To Clarksville DOES NOT STOP at 74th and Broadway where the theater is located, LOL!

For more info on the Monkees and their current tour dates, go to (which to us is the ultimate fan site) or

(Photos Courtesy Rhino Records.)

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