December 31, 2012

Lady Gaga - Free Counselling On Offer For Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters

Lady Gaga has come up with a cunning plan to combine the work of her Born This Way foundation and her Born This Way Ball concert tour, by providing free counselling for fans before the show. The BornBrave bus will be a place where Gaga’s “Little Monsters” can go to talk about the issues affecting their lives, whether that’s depression, bullying, or problems at school or with friends.

Mother Monster revealed details of her plan via her Facebook page, where she wrote “For those wondering about the 'counseling' at the BTWBall BornBrave pre-show, it will be a fun tailgating experience for monsters to unite… At the BornBrave Bus you have access to professional private or group chats about mental health, depression, bullying, school & friends. There will also be food and games, DJ White Shadow and Lady Starlight will DJ with host BREEDLOVE to keep the experience fun.”

The pop star went on to explain why she’d been moved to provide such a service, revealing “I feel like most kids don't look for help because they feel embarrassed so mom + I wanted to break the stigmas around 'help' and make it fun. I'm counting down the days till the Ball starts up again.” She won’t have to be counting for too much longer, because the tour resumes on January 11, 2013, where she’ll also donate $5,000 per show to a local homeless shelter for youths.

Green Day Will Return for New Tour in March 2013

Whatever happened to the standard press release, or even just a notice left on the website of a band? That is not cool anymore, now Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have taken over, and Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day has revealed that there will be a 2013 Greenday tour, much to the delight of fans worldwide.

"Dear friends" the screen-shotted 'notes' Instagram image said, "I just want to thank you all for the love and support you've showed us for the past few months. Believe me, it hasn't gone unnoticed and I'm eternally grateful to have such an amazing set of friends and family. I'm getting better everyday." He continued, "So now, without further ado, the show must go on... We can't wait to get on the road and live out loud! Our passion has only grown stronger... Happy new year... We love you all... Rage and love XX BILLY JOE". Oh, and with a little flourish at the end, he added "P.S... Green day tour in march".

2012 has been a difficult year for the band, seeing Armstrong have a melt down on stage, as well as having to cancel a stint of shows earlier on in the year. Armstrong has since been to rehab to beat an unnamed addiction and they've since released a trio of albums titled ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré!

Jessica Simpson “Bumpin' and Proud in a Bikini

No more bump-hiding clothes for Jessica Simpson! Now that she has confirmed her second pregnancy, the singer/fashion designer is proudly showing off her new baby curves. Simpson, 32, Tweeted a picture of her bare bump on Sunday.

“Bumpin’ and Proud!” she wrote.

Simpson, who is mom to 7-month-old Maxwell with fiancé Eric Johnson, confirmed her pregnancy on Christmas Day with a photo of her daughter sitting next to the words "BIG SIS” written in the sand. The 32-year-old Weight Watchers spokesperson is currently vacationing in Hawaii with Johnson, Maxwell, younger sister Ashley Simpson, nephew Bronx and several other family members and friends.

Simpson has not released any details about her pregnancy, including the baby’s due date.

Harry Styles and Taylot Swift Introduce Familes

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have introduced their families to one another.
The couple - who will bring in the New Year together tonight (31.12.12) in America - spent much of the festive season apart, but used internet video conferencing programme Skype to cope with their separation and during some of the calls, the One Direction heartthrob got his loved ones to talk to Taylor's relatives.
A source told The Sun newspaper: 'Harry and Taylor spoke online up to five times a day while they were apart. They got their families involved too, so it wasn't just them locked inside their bedrooms for hours on end. It was a good opportunity to familiarise their families as they were all together at Christmas.'
Harry and Taylor's reunion this weekend almost didn't happen after the 18-year-old British star missed his flight from London to the US on Friday morning (28.12.12) - because he forgot his passport.
The 'One Thing' singer was left 'embarrassed' and behind in his schedule to meet his girlfriend after he missed his 11:15am British Airways flight from Heathrow to Boston because he didn't have the important document.
Fortunately, Harry - who had been driven to the airport by his mother Anne Cox - was able to arrange for a courier to pick up the passport from his home in Cheshire, North West England, and he successfully boarded the next flight to the US city at 7:30pm.

December 29, 2012

'Game Of Thrones' And 'Dexter' Top Pirated TV Shows Of 2012

Game of Thrones" and "Dexter" were the two most pirated TV shows of 2012, reports file-sharing site TorrentFreak. HBO's fantasy series "Game of Thrones" was downloaded a total of 4,280,000, while Showtime's serial killer suspense series "Dexter" was downloaded 3,850,000 times.

Other TV shows to make the top 10 include CBS' "Big Bang Theory" and "How I Met Your Mother" which came in at number three and four, followed by AMC's "Breaking Bad" and "The Walking Dead." Showtime's "Homeland," Fox's "House" and "Fringe" also made the Top 10.

TorrentFreak noted that roughly 80 percent of TV piracy comes from outside the United States where many viewers do not have the means to watch their favorite television shows. "Airing delays and HBO's choice not to make [Thrones] widely available online are two of the top reasons why so many people pirated the show," the site argued.

The site also predicted that illegal TV series downloads will decrease dramatically as networks continue to find ways to make in-demand shows quickly available online worldwide in a legal manner.

Anjelica Huston Wins PETA Honor

Actress Anjelica Huston has been crowned People for the Ethical Animals' Person of the Year for campaigning to keep chimpanzees out of TV commercials.

Thanks to The Witches star's volunteerism and work as a narrator of a hard-hitting video expose about how great apes suffer in the entertainment industry, the top 10 advertising agencies in the U.S. have adopted policies to stop using chimps in their ads.

A PETA spokesperson says, "The actor sent her video to agency chiefs across the country, showing them exactly how great apes are torn away from their mothers shortly after birth and frequently beaten during training to perform in ads for companies such as Dodge, Europcar, Pfizer, Samsung, and Travelers Insurance, all of which pulled their ads after talks with PETA."

Representative Wendy Wegner adds, "Anjelica Huston is a true friend to all animals and the perfect choice for PETA's Person of the Year 2012."

Huston also spoke out against New York's controversial horse-drawn carriage industry in 2012 and campaigned against the use of fur as a style item - even though she was once a fashion victim.

She says, "I grew up in Ireland and used to wear fur. I had a change of heart when I learned how minks and foxes on fur farms are crammed into tiny, dirty cages and driven so crazy by the confinement that many... cannibalize their cage mates."

December 28, 2012

'The Munsters' Re-Boot Officially Kaput!

Jerry O'Connell and Portia De Rossi's reboot of classic TV show The Munsters has officially been axed despite drawing millions of viewers over Halloween.

The cult 1960s series was revived as Mockingbird Lane starring O'Connell as Herman Munster, De Rossi as his vampire bride Lily, and Eddie Izzard as Grandpa Munster.

However, bosses at NBC had a mixed reaction to the finished product and put the sitcom on the back burner.

They aired the pilot episode as a Halloween special in October, drawing more than 5.4 million viewers, but TV executives have now decided to axe the project for good.

Creator/executive producer Bryan Fuller confirmed the news in a post on, writing, "I tweet with a heavy heart. NBC not moving forward with Mockingbird Lane. From producers and cast, thank you all for enthusiasm and support."

Katy Perry and John Mayer Enjoy Dinner in Beverly Hills

Katy Perry was looking very comfortable with her boyfriend John Mayer as the pair stepped out in Beverly Hills.
Spotted leaving Matsushia restaurant in California, the 28-year-old singer was looking very geek chic in a khaki jacket and thick-rimmed glasses.
Holding a tooth pick between her teeth, Katy seemed relaxed as she walked alongside her on-off boyfriend.
With their date night coming soon after they allegedly spent Christmas together, it seems things are going well for the pair.

Britney Spears Out at The X Factor, is Demi Lovato Next?

Demi Lovato is now the only female judge left standing on “The X Factor.”

According to US Weekly  producers of the reality competition show have decided to give Britney Spears the ax.

"Britney will get the boot," an insider told the magazine.

The "producers wanted her for the long haul,” the source told the magazine, but the agreement “isn't working."

With a reported $15 million payout for her role as judge and mentor on the show, the show’s creator Simon Cowell was expecting more from the pop diva.

"He wanted crazy Britney, but he got boring Britney," a different source told US Weekly. "They paid all that for her to say 'amazing' and offer half-claps.”

With Spears on the outs and LA Reid’s surprising announcement a few weeks that he too would be leaving the show, on his own accord, at the end of this season the next logical question is, where does that leave Demi Lovato?

December 27, 2012


Courtney Zito, who writes and direct her own web-based comedy series, Hollywood Girl, may have landed a soon-to-be music hit on her hands. Dominick DiPietrantonio’s “Only One For Me” has been running on the show for the past month, creating a buzz within the industry. Reportedly, producers from both The Voice and X Factor have been in touch with his management.

The show scripted by Zito is based on her real life experiences (both comic and blundering) in Los Angeles, in the form of the fledging character Quinn Monroe. A self-proclaimed cliché (aspiring actress by day and waitress by night), Quinn feels her dreams of silver screen stardom actualizing as a waking nightmare of never-ending obstacles and roadblocks. Broke, tired, confused and, constantly tripping over her mark, she's literally bruised, at times self-deprecating, but delightfully determined and never defeated. With life, heart, spirit and the carefree, fun-loving support of her three best friends, Quinn looks past the setbacks and black-and-blues to see her shining star on the walk of fame, which to her isn't too far ahead. She is determined to conquer Hollywood, but the road to stardom is full of missteps. "Two steps forward and ten steps back," like the show's original theme song says, "She's there for life: She's a Hollywood Girl,” says Zito.

Adds Dominick, “I found the show quite by accident, but immediately loved it. To tell you the truth, I came up with several possible songs for them and ultimately went with “Only One For Me.”

December 26, 2012

Keith Richards: 'The Stones Aren't Punctual Gift Givers'

Rocker Keith Richards is always on the lookout for some great Christmas presents to exchange with his The Rolling Stones bandmates but admits they are not the most punctual gift-givers.

The (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction stars make sure to give each other something extra special every year but timing isn't their forte and often, the gifts are not actually presented in time for Christmas Day.

Richards tells British magazine NME, "Sometimes they (the gifts) don't arrive actually on Christmas, sometimes before, and sometimes afterwards. But we always exchange something. It's normally something you see or you pick up and you think, 'Oh Charlie'll love that.' But it might not be exactly Christmas, because we're not that punctual!"

The thoughtful guitarist is often on the lookout for that special something to make a truly unique gift for his bandmates.

He adds, "I remember I once found a Biggles puppet, with a parachute, beautiful 20s job with all that gear on. And Charlie and I have always had a thing about Biggles, so I sent him that. It's still dangling from his ceiling somewhere."

Jessica Simpson Confirms Second Pregnancy On Twitter

Jessica Simpson has confirmed she's pregnant with her second child in a sweet Christmas Day tweet.

After weeks of speculation suggesting the singer-turned-fashion mogul and reality TV star was expecting again, Simpson made the baby news official by posting a photo of her seven-month-old daughter Maxwell sitting in the sand during a festive vacation in Hawaii behind the message 'BIG SIS'.

Little Maxwell was born in May, just before her famous mom signed up to front a lucrative new diet campaign for WeightWatchers.

It doesn't seem as if WeightWatchers bosses are too concerned that their new spokesmodel is set to gain back the weight she lost after first becoming a mum - they sent out a Christmas Day tweet congratulating the singer and her husband-to-be Eric Johnson, adding, "Your WW family is so thrilled for you. What an amazing year you've had!"

December 21, 2012

Ashton Kutcher Files For Divorce

Actor Ashton Kutcher has filed to officially end his marriage to Demi Moore, more than a year after their split.

The couple announced its separation in November, 2011 after six years as husband and wife, and now the Two and a Half Men star has kickstarted the divorce process.

Kutcher, who has hired celebrity attorney Laura Wasser to represent his case, filed papers in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, citing irreconcilable differences for the break-up.

He is not seeking spousal support and has not asked a judge to deny Moore financial aid should she request it, according to

The couple, which wed in 2005, does not have any children.

Kutcher, 34, has since moved on to romance his former That '70s Show co-star Mila Kunis, while 50-year-old Moore was most recently linked to director Julian Schnabel's art collector son Vito.

Madonna Has On Stage Meltdown Over Smoking Fans

Don’t smoke at a Madonna concert, or you might get called out by the pop diva. Madonna had an on stage meltdown in Santiago, Chile this week because several fans were smoking during her rehearsal at an open-air theater.

According to reports, Madonna abruptly stopped rehearsing “Human Nature” and called out several people for their cigarettes. "There are people smoking right now," the 54-year-old said. “No smoking.”

“Why are they smoking?” she continued. "If you're gonna smoke cigarettes, I'm not doing a show. You don't care about me, I don't care about you. All right?"

“Alright, we are gonna play that game. I’m not kidding. I can't sing if you smoke. Entiendes?” said Madonna.

When fans shouted “We love you,” Madonna snapped back, “If you love me then don't smoke. No smoking! You're looking right at me while you're smoking cigarettes, like I'm a stupid f---ing idiot."

Although she stormed off stage, Madonna did end up performing. The singer has not commented on the incident.

The X Factor Crowns A Winner: Tate Stevens Scores Recording Contract

The second season of The X Factor came to a close Thursday night with 37-year-old Tate Stevens scoring the $5 million recording contract over Carly Rose Sonenclar and the group Fifth Harmony.

"First and foremost I got to thank the man upstairs for taking care of me, my family, all the country music fans – God bless you. Thank you so much for all the votes. This is the best day of my life,” the Missouri native said after the results were revealed.

Stevens’ mentor L.A. Reid praised his work. "You deserve this. I'm proud to work with you. I think you represent The X Factor really, really well. So on behalf of Simon and myself and all the judges, congratulations,” he said.

Sonenclar, who was Britney Spears’ contestant, took second place. Fifth Harmony, mentored by Cowell, landed in third.

After the show, Stevens said it will “take a while” to get used to his new life. "I think it's going to take a while. I think it's going to take a while to sink in and really get the magnitude of what happened tonight. This is huge,” he said.

Stevens is not sure how he will celebrate with his wife and two children. “We have the rest of our lives to celebrate this! [My family] sacrificed a lot for me to even do this, which means a ton … it's very amazing,” he added.

December 20, 2012

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Romance Heats Up

Singer Taylor Swift has introduced One Direction star Harry Styles to her mother.

The young couple sparked rumors of a blossoming romance last month after Swift was spotted holding hands with the boyband star backstage at The X Factor in Hollywood.

They have since gone public with their relationship, enjoying a trip to New York City's Central Park Zoo and hanging out at Z100's Jingle Ball concert before taking their love overseas to his native England, where she celebrated her 23rd birthday last week.

Reports suggest the Love Story hitmaker was introduced to Styles' mom during their visit to the U.K. and now Swift has followed suit by taking him back to Los Angeles to meet her homemaker mother Andrea on Wednesday.

Photographs show Swift holding her parent's arm outside her mansion, while Styles can be seen standing close by and showing off his growing collection of tattoos in a T-shirt.

Ke$ha Addresses Controversial Comments

Pop star Ke$ha has clarified remarks she made about her song Die Young after suggesting she had been "forced" to record the tune.

The track was pulled from radio airwaves due to its sensitive title following the Connecticut school shooting last week, and while the singer claimed she completely understood why the "inappropriate" tune was dropped, she also alleged that she was not wholly responsible for the material, insisting in a post that she had been "forced" to sing the titular lyrics.

The tweet was subsequently deleted, but now she has taken to her official website to clear up any confusion about the single, which was co-written by Ke$ha, producer Dr. Luke and fun. frontman Nate Ruess.

A statement posted online reads: "After such a tragic event I was feeling a lot of emotion and sadness when I said I was forced to sing some of the lyrics to Die Young. Forced is not the right word. I did have some concerns about the phrase 'die young' in the chorus when we were writing the lyrics especially because so many of my fans are young and that’s one reason why I wrote so many versions of this song. But the point of the song is the importance of living every day to the fullest and staying young at heart, and these are things I truly believe."

Twenty children and six staff members were gunned down by 20-year-old Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. He also allegedly killed his own mother before turning the weapon on himself.

Die Young isn't the only track to suffer a drop in popularity following the murders - Foster The People's Pumped Up Kicks has also been taken off air.

Madonna Threatens to Cut Show

Madonna threatened to scrap her concert in Chile on Wednesday after catching fans smoking cigarettes in front of the stage.

The singer braved a torrential downpour in Santiago to test the sound equipment at the Estadio Nacional stadium, and fans flocked to the venue early to catch the singer go through her routines.

But as Madonna reached the front of her stage's runway into the audience, she spotted a number of revelers puffing away, and lashed out at them in an angry tirade.

Speaking into her microphone, the fuming star said, "People are smoking right now, no smoking! Where are they smoking? If you're going to smoke I am not doing the show.

"If you don't care about me, I don't care about you. Alright, we gonna play that game (sic)? I'm not kidding. I can't sing if you smoke. Entiende (understand)? If you love me then don't smoke.

"You're looking at me while you're still smoking, like I'm a stupid [expletive] idiot."

Madonna's concert went ahead as planned, despite her earlier outrage.

Simon Cowell On Carmen Electra: She’s Adorable

Simon Cowell’s relationship with Carmen Electra may not be serious, but the X Factor judge is clearly smitten with her.

"She's not my girlfriend," Cowell clarified in a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday.

"We're people who date,” he said, adding "She's adorable, isn't she?"

Cowell, 53, and Electra, 40, were first linked in September when they were spotted out on a date. In November, the former Playboy model gushed about Cowell to Access Hollywood Live. "He's so cute. He is adorable. He's actually a sweetheart. The thing is, we worked together on Britain's Got Talent. I was a guest judge and I had so much fun. I really liked him. I think he's really cool,” she said.

The casual romance comes after Electra and Cowell’s breakups from their respective fiancés. Electra’s fiancé of 4 years, rocker Robert Patterson, confirmed their split in October, while Cowell ended his 2 year engagement to Mezhgan Hussainy last spring.

December 18, 2012

Meat Loaf To Quit Touring

Rocker Meat Loaf is hanging up his microphone next year after announcing his next tour will be his last.

The I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) hitmaker will kick off Meat Loaf - The Farewell Tour in the U.K. next spring by playing his hit 1977 album Bat Out of Hell in its entirety at each stop.

In a post on, the Grammy winner writes, "I know the fans will enjoy the show as much as I enjoyed putting it together."

It is not yet known if the 65-year-old, who battled vocal issues last year, will add other locations to his trek, which will currently begin in Newcastle, England on April 5 and end in Cardiff, Wales on April 21.

The news will likely come as a surprise to fans - the artist has recently admitted he'd rather die on stage than quit performing, telling CNN, "I go out on the stage as if it's the last thing I'll ever do. And that's what I've always said - If I'm going out, I'm going out on stage."

Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Don’t Want Full Time Nanny

Kate Middleton and Prince William don’t plan to hand off baby duty to a nanny, according to insiders. Although the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will reportedly employ a part time nanny for when they need to attend to royal duties, they plan to take on the majority of caring for their first child themselves. A part-time nanny will also enable the Duchess to continue with her charity work.

"They want to be as hands on as possible," a source tells Us Weekly magazine.

Another insider says Kate and William will likely pass on their love of the outdoors to their children. "They're very outdoorsy," a friend says. "I'm sure it will be the same with the kids -- playing outside and going for walks."

Middleton’s pregnancy was announced on December 3 after she was hospitalized for acute morning sickness. The 30-year-old made her first official public appearance since the announcement at BBC's Sports Personality of the Year Awards on Sunday. She helped David Beckham present Lifetime Achievement awards to Lord Seb Coe, Jessica Ennis and Bradley Wiggins.


It’s that time of the year where thousands of radio stations from New York to California, and everywhere in between, are pumping out Christmas songs.

Some radio stations sprinkle in holiday favorites between their normal fare, while others, looking for a ratings boost, will go wall-to-wall holiday favorites and program Christmas tunes 24 hours a day, like New York’s WLTW-FM.

But when you look at a list of the most played Christmas songs on American radio this season, it’s evident that people prefer what’s familiar to them. They love the songs they grew up with.

According to Mediabase, these are the Top Five most played songs on U.S. radio this Christmas season:

1. Holly Jolly Christmas—Burl Ives

2. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree—Brenda Lee

3. Jingle Bell Rock—Bobby Helms

4. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year—Andy Williams

5. The Christmas Song—Nat King Cole

6. Happy Xmas/War is Over—John Lennon

7. Feliz Navidad—Jose Feliciano

8. Do They Know It’s Christmas—Band Aid

9. All I Want For Christmas—Mariah Carey

10. Wonderful Christmas—Paul McCartney

In time for Christmas every year, new artists and legacy artists release their versions of the holiday classics or a newly written seasonal song.

Among the classic artists who have new CD releases this year, Rod Stewart and the rock band Chicago have scored in the Top Ten of radio airplay.

Both Stewart and Chicago are being heard on hundreds of radio stations with their version of the classic, “Let It Snow, Let It Snow.” The 67-year-old British bred crooner features the song on his first holiday release ever, “Merry Christmas, Baby.”

Chicago’s treatment of “Let It Snow” is included on their new 2 CD set, “The Ultimate Christmas Collection,” along with 33 other seasonal favorites. The Chicago version spotlights the lead vocals of Lee Loughnane.

Other artists that have new product for Christmas:

--Lady Antebellum


--Richard Marx

--Cee Lo Green

December 17, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Formally Thanks Charlie Sheen For Money

Lindsay Lohan has sent a belated thank you note to Charlie Sheen to show her gratitude for a $100,000 loan the actor reportedly gave the star to help settle her debts.

The former Two and a Half Men star allegedly handed the hefty sum to the 26-year-old, his co-star in the forthcoming Scary Movie 5, after discovering she owes more than $233,904 in taxes.

Sheen has not confirmed the exact amount of his generous gift, but he recently claimed the money was simply to help Lohan's cash flow after she failed to receive payment for another project - although he was a little annoyed that theMean Girls star had yet to thank him for the favor.

He said, "She's a very good and decent young lady that is just going through a lot. They owed her money, didn't pay her, so I took care of it. My whole code's about pay it forward.

"She got shorted and I found out, so I said, 'Here.' I'm still waiting for a text to say thank you. Anything, anything, you know?"

His comments subsequently reached Lohan, and she promptly had a bouquet of flowers sent to Sheen to apologize for the delay and show her appreciation for his act of kindness, according to

The website reports Lohan was unable to personally thank him via text earlier because she had lost her phone and all of her contacts.

Amy Winehouse Investigation To Be Reopened

An inquest into the death of singer Amy Winehouse is to be reheard after the coroner involved in the initial investigation was found to be improperly qualified.

The Back to Black star died at her north London home last summer and after an inquest, assistant deputy coroner Suzanne Greenaway recorded a verdict of death by misadventure, stating Winehouse succumbed to alcohol poisoning after a booze binge.

However, Greenaway subsequently resigned when it emerged she did not have the correct qualifications for the role, and officials have now confirmed they will re-open the inquest into Winehouse's death.

The new hearing will be held at St Pancras Coroner's Court in London on January 8th.

Greenaway was appointed to the role by her husband, coroner for Inner North London Dr. Andrew Scott Reid, who resigned from his post earlier this month.

Channing Tatum To Be a Dad

Christmas  has come early for actor Channing Tatum after learning his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum is pregnant.

The Magic Mike star and his actress wife will become first-time parents next year.

A representative for the couple tells, "(The Tatums) are pleased to announce that they are expecting the birth of their first child next year."

The news should come as no surprise to fans. Tatum, who was recently named the publication's Sexiest Man Alive, dropped hints the pair was keen to start a family in an interview last month, saying, "I'm ready; I think she's ready. The first number that pops into my head is three (children), but I just want one to be healthy and then we'll see where we go after that."

Tatum met his now-wife on the set of their hit dance movie  Step Up in 2006 and they tied the knot in California three years later.

December 16, 2012

Rolling Stones Wrap Up Tour

The Rolling Stones wrapped up their 50th anniversary tour on Saturday night with a star-studded set featuring Lady Gaga, John Mayer, The Black Keys and Bruce Springsteen.

Frontman Mick Jagger introduced a jumpsuit-clad Gaga to join him on Gimme Shelter at their fifth and final official 50 and Counting show at New Jersey's Prudential Center, and the duo shared verses and danced together.

Mayer and fellow guitarist Gary Clark, Jr. also joined the Stones for Going Down, while The Black Keys followed with the Bo Diddley classic Who Do You Love?,and former Stones guitarist Mick Taylor also made an appearance.

Springsteen then thrilled the crowd with a version of Tumbling Dice, with Jagger joking that the New Jersey native had "walked to the show".

The most emotional moment of the night came when Jagger dedicated Wild Horses to the victims of the school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, telling fans, "I just wanted to take a minute and send our love and condolences to those who lost their loved ones yesterday."

Wrapping up their mini-trek, Jagger told the crowd, "This is our last show... of the 50th anniversary tour. Hope to see you again soon."

The band's comeback is set to stretch into next year. The rockers are playing California's Coachella festival in April.

December 15, 2012

Paramore Unveil "Paramore"

Fueled By Ramen recording group Paramore has unveiled early details of their hugely anticipated, self-titled new album. “PARAMORE” arrives everywhere on April 9th, 2013.
The Grammy-nominated band’s first all-new release in more than three years, “PARAMORE” marks the eagerly anticipated follow-up to 2009’s RIAA gold-certified “brand new eyes.” The album – Paramore’s fourth full-length studio recording – was produced by Grammy-nominated producer Justin Meldal-Johnson, known for his work with such diverse artists as Beck, Nine Inch Nails, Tegan and Sara, and M83. The first single from “PARAMORE” is entitled “Now.” More information on the new album to be revealed soon.
Paramore –singer Hayley Williams, bassist Jeremy Davis, and guitarist Taylor York - first unveiled the news via a personal blog announcement at the band’s official website “The whole making of this album was a rediscovering of ourselves as a band and as friends,” the band wrote. “It was a process that allowed us the freedom to explore new territory artistically and to liberate ourselves as musicians, singers, as people! Sincerely, we feel that the best way to give it a name is just to call it what it is. This album is us.” (full blog post -
The band will herald the release of “PARAMORE” with a much-anticipated Southeast Asian/Australian tour. The trek includes dates in Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines, as well as a prominent role on Australia’s annual Soundwave festival tour. More touring news will be unveiled soon – please see for further updates and information.

December 14, 2012

Amanda Bynes Escapes Facing Hit And Run Charges In Court

Amanda Bynes is reportedly out of trouble in two of the legal cases against her. According to reports, two misdemeanor hit-and-run charges were dropped in a Van Nuys, California courthouse this week. A source says Bynes’ lawyer Richard Hutton was able to have the charges dismissed after Bynes reached a financial settlement with the victims in both of the hit-and-run incidents.

Hutton “advanced the case and went in early to avoid the media, and the judge signed off on the deal in which the prosecutor also approved,” according to an insider speaking to

"Amanda Bynes was able to reach a civil compromise in both of her hit and run cases. The two separate victims agreed to dismiss the charges after a financial settlement was reached with both. This is routinely done when both sides are able to come to an agreement, and there really is no need to pursue legal charges because damages to their respective vehicles was paid for,” a source said.

Bynes, 26, previously pled not guilty to both charges, which stemmed from accidents in April and August.

The troubled actress must still face a DUI charge and two counts of driving with a suspended license in separate cases.

LA Reid Quits The X Factor

Just as it looked like Simon Cowell had created a solid judge’s panel for The X Factor, L.A. Reid has decided to quit the show. Reid, who has been a judge since the show debuted in the U.S. last year, says he needs to concentrate on running the record label Epic Records.

“I have decided that I will not return to The X Factor next year,” Reid told Access Hollywood on Thursday night. “I have to go back, and I have a company to run that I’ve kind of neglected, and it saddens me a little bit, but only a little bit.”

“I have a huge responsibility to a roster of artists," explained Reid, the CEO of Epic. "It's kind of time for me to stop doing 'the me' show and get back to doing 'the them' show.”

As for Cowell, Reid told the Hollywood Reporter he has the “utmost respect” for the entertainment mogul. “He is the very best, and I have had the opportunity to learn so much from him. Working with him on X Factor has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I’m honored to have sat on the panel with such incredible talent,” he added.

Cowell has not commented on Reid’s announcement.

Reid is the only season 1 judge besides Cowell that returned for a second season. Original judges Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul were let go due to the lukewarm response to the first season. The women were replaced by pop superstar Britney Spears and former Disney star Demi Lovato.

Man Arrested At Home Of Taylor SwiftMan Arrested At Home Of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift recently admitted to being paranoid about stalkers and over-zealous fans, and rightly so – a man claiming to be her boyfriend was arrested outside her Nashville home for trespassing.

According to reports, 24-year-old Jacob Kulke jumped a fence on Swift’s property early Friday morning. He was caught and detained by the singer’s security team. When police arrived, Kulke reportedly told them that he was Swift’s boyfriend and that he had been communicating with her over social media. Kulke said he had taken a bus from Wisconsin to surprise Swift for her 23rd birthday, which was Thursday. Officers arrested him for trespassing at 1:45 a.m.

Kulke, whose criminal past includes convictions on charges of battery, drug possession and disorderly conduct, was arrested and booked for trespassing at a nearby jail. Bond was set at $10,000.

It is unclear if Swift was at home when Kulke was caught. She has not commented on the incident.

Swift, who is rumored to be dating One Direction musician Harry Styles, recently told British Cosmopolitan magazine that she is thankful for her security team. "Sometimes you get a dude who kind of wants to steal you. That's why I'm so grateful I have people looking after me like (my bodyguard)," she said.

“Over the past couple of years it’s got worse. I get told if there’s been an attempt or a threat. My security text me a picture and say, ‘Look out for this dude; he’s driven across the country, he’s off his meds,’ or something like that,” Swift revealed.

“No one has ever been successful in getting into my house or anything like that. I have an amazing security team,” she added.

December 13, 2012

2013 Golden Globe Award Nominees — Full List Announced


Best Motion Picture, Comedy
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Les Miserables
Moonrise Kingdom
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Silver Linings Playbook

Best Motion Picture, Drama
Django Unchained
Life of Pi
Zero Dark Thirty

Best Director, Motion Picture
Ben Affleck, Argo
Kathryn Bigelow, Zero Dark Thirty
Ang Lee, Life of Pi
Steven Spielberg, Lincoln
Quentin Tarantino, Django Unchained

Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama
Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln
Richard Gere, Arbitrage
John Hawkes, The Sessions
Joaquin Phoenix, The Master
Denzel Washington, Flight

Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama
Jessica Chastain, Zero Dark Thirty
Marion Cotillard, Rust and Bone
Helen Mirren, Hitchcock
Naomi Watts, The Impossible
Rachel Weisz, The Deep Blue Sea

Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical
Jack Black, Bernie
Bradley Cooper, Silver Linings Playbook
Hugh Jackman, Les Miserables
Ewen McGregor, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Bill Murray, Hyde Park on Hudson

Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical
Emily Blunt, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Judy Dench, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook
Maggie Smith, Quartet
Meryl Streep, Hope Springs

Best Foreign Language Film
Amour (Austria)
A Royal Affair (Denmark)
The Intouchables (France)
Kon-Tiki (Norway/UK/Demark)
Rust and Bone (France)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
Amy Adams, The Master
Sally Field, Lincoln
Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables
Helen Hunt, The Sessions
Nicole Kidman, The Paperboy

Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
Alan Arkin, Argo
Leonardo DiCaprio, Django Unchained
Philip Seymour Hoffman, The Master
Tommy Lee Jones, Lincoln
Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained

Best TV Series, Comedy
Big Bang Theory
Modern Family

Best TV Series, Drama
Breaking Bad
Boardwalk Empire
Downton Abbey
The Newsroom

Best Performance by an actress in a TV series, Drama
Connie Britton, Nashville
Glenn Close, Damages
Claire Danes, Homeland
Michelle Dockery, Downton Abbey
Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife

Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Series, Drama
Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire
Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
Jeff Daniels, The Newsroom
Jon Hamm, Mad Men
Damian Lewis, Homeland

Best Performance by an Actress in a TV Series, Comedy
Zooey Deschanel, New Girl
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep
Lena Dunham, Girls
Tina Fey, 30 Rock
Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation

Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Series, Comedy
Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock
Don Cheadle, House of Lies
Matt LeBlanc, Episodes
Louie C.K., Louie
Jim Parsons, Big Bang Theory

Best Performance by an Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie
Kevin Costner, Hatfields and McCoys
Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock
Woody Harrelson, Game Change
Toby Jones, The Girl
Clive Owen, Hemingway and Gellhorn

Best Performance by an Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie
Nicole Kidman, Hemingway and Gellhorn
Jessica Lange, American Horror Story
Sienna Miller, The Girl
Julianne Moore, Game Change
Sigourney Weaver, Political Animals

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Miniseries or TV Movie
Hayden Panettiere, Nashville
Archie Punjabi, The Good Wife
Sarah Paulson, Game Change
Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey
Sofia Vergara, Modern Family

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Miniseries or TV Movie
Max Greenfield, New Girl
Ed Harris, Game Change
Danny Huston, Magic City
Mandy Patinkin, Homeland
Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family

Best TV Movie or Miniseries
Game Change
The Girl
Hatfields and McCoys
The Hour
Political Animals

Best Animated Film
Hotel Transylvania
Rise of the Guardians
Wreck it Ralf

Best Screenplay for a Motion Picture
Zero Dark Thirty (Mark Boal)
Lincoln (Tony Kushner)
Silver Linings Playbook (David O. Russell)
Django Unchained (Quentin Tarantino)
Argo (Chris Terrio)

Best Score for a Motion Picture
Life of Pi (Mychael Danna)
Argo (Alexandre Desplat)
Anna Karenina (Dario Marianelli)
Cloud Atlas (Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek, Reinhold Heil)
Lincoln (John Williams)

Best Original Song, Motion Picture
“For You” – Act of Valor
“Not Running Anymore” – Stand Up Guys
“Safe & Sound” by Taylor Swift – The Hunger Games
“Skyfall” – Skyfall
“Suddenly” – Les Miserables

After the nominations were announced, Taylor Swift tweeted, “Best birthday surprise EVER-just found out that Safe&Sound is nominated for a GOLDEN GLOBE!! Thank you @goldenglobes and HFPA!”

London Authorities: Nurse Jacintha Saldanha Hanged Herself

New details about the tragic death of Jacintha Saldanha, one of the London nurses that fell for a prank call by two Australian DJs about the Duchess of Cambridge, have been released by British authorities. According to Lynda Martindill of the coroner’s office, Saldanha hanged herself with a scarf and had injuries around her wrists. The 46-year-old was found Friday in her quarters at King Edward VII Hospital by two colleagues.

Saldanha left behind three suicide notes. Although her death is not suspicious and is considered a suicide, investigators will examine the notes and talk with her friends and family. Saldanha is survived by her husband, Ben Barboza, and their two children, 17-year-old Junal and 14-year-old Lisha.

Saldanha’s death came just days after Mel Greig and Michael Christian of the Hot 30 show impersonated Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles to get information about Kate Middleton’s hospitalization for acute morning sickness. Saldanha put the call through to the ward, and another nurse there updated the DJs on Middleton’s condition. Greig, 30, and Christian, 25, aired the call on their show.

Jenni Rivera Remains Identified

As long as her remains had not been found, Jenni Rivera’s family held out hope that she may have survived a plane crash over the weekend. The Rivera family’s hopes were dashed Thursday when authorities identified recovered remains as those of the 43-year-old music star.

Also identified are the remains of the LearJet’s co-pilot and Rivera’s publicist. The remains of the pilot have yet to be identified, as well as the remains of Rivera’s makeup artist, hairdresser and lawyer.

Mexico’s transportation secretary says the plane plummeted 28,000 feet in 30 seconds shortly after taking off from Monterrey early Sunday morning. The cause of the crash remains unknown and is under investigation. The wreckage of the Learjet was found in the Ejido La Colorada area of Nuevo Leon on Sunday afternoon just hours after the crash.

Rivera, who was known as “La Diva de la Banda" or The Diva of Banda Music, has sold more than 15 million records over the span of her career. Her work earned multiple Latin Grammy Award nominations and two 2013 Billboard Mexican Music Awards, including Female Artist of the Year and Banda Album of the Year for "Joyas prestadas: Banda." Some of her most popular songs include "La Gran Senora" and "De Contrabando."

She is survived by her parents, siblings, 5 children and 2 grandchildren.

Madonna Patching Up Feud With Brother

Madonna and her brother Christopher Ciccone have repaired their fractured relationship after four years of bickering.

The siblings had a falling out in 2008 following the publication of Ciccone's memoir, Life With My Sister Madonna, in which he accused the pop star of cheating on her then-husband Guy Ritchie with baseball star Alex Rodriguez, but it appears brother and sister have since put their differences aside.

The interior decorator tells In Touch magazine, "(The book) was just my desire to tear away from that and find my own way and get people to understand my involvement in that world and what it was about.

"It's taken us a while to get back to brother and sister and to a good place, but we're there now... She's been on the road, so we email each other. I actually went to see her recent show in L.A. It was great. I can't imagine that she's still working that hard. It's amazing."

December 12, 2012

Springsteen and Bon Jovi Kick Off Sandy Benefit Concert

Beloved New Jersey boys Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi got the 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief at New York's Madison Square Garden off to a rocking start on Wednesday by teaming up for a rousing rendition of Born To Run.

The Boss and The E Street Band kicked off proceedings with their hits Land of Hope and Dreams and Wrecking Ball, before taking a moment to send a special prayer for the victims of the natural disaster that devastated the East Coast in late October.

Springsteen recalled how devastated he was to see the Asbury Park Boardwalk in New Jersey battered in the former hurricane, telling the sold-out crowd: "It was painful to see it (the Boardwalk) damaged after all that time from the recent storm and to see the Jersey Shore damaged, because the Jersey Shore has always been a special place, it's been inclusive... and that's been a principle part of the characteristic of Jersey and that's what's made it special...

"I pray that that characteristic remains along the Jersey Shore, it's what makes it special. So tonight, this is a prayer for all our struggling brothers and sisters in New York and all along New Jersey."

He performed the fitting My City of Ruins, and then had the audience on its feet as he invited his pal and neighbor Jon Bon Jovi to join him onstage for Born to Run.

Comedian Billy Crystal became the first celebrity of the night to share his story of his hard-hit hometown of Long Beach in Long Island, New York as he urged fans and viewers tuning in online and on TV around the world to give generously to aid the ongoing relief efforts.

He said, "It was the perfect place to grow up - the motto of our town is, 'I have Long Beach sand in my shoes' and now that sand is still in their kitchens, and their living rooms, and still in their streets. The ocean I used to dream about became their worst nightmare.

"No one could have anticipated the level of devastation Sandy would bring, or just how many lives it would affect. Over 100 people died, over 600,000 homes and 500,000 businesses were destroyed or damaged, entire neighborhoods were wiped out...

"(But) not only did Sandy not put us down, we stayed on our feet and tonight, with your help, we will emerge stronger and better than before."

The 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief is also set to feature performances from fellow rock icons Sir Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, the Rolling Stones and The Who, as well as rapper Kanye West and R&B superstar Alicia Keys.

Mick Jagger Makes Surprise TV Appearance

Rocker Mick Jagger poked fun at incarcerated producer Phil Spector and made light of his lack of profits from Maroon 5's song Moves Like Jagger during a special appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman on Tuesday.

The Rolling Stones frontman thrilled viewers as he stopped by the program's New York studio to recite Letterman's daily Top 10 countdown, and shared his lessons learned from a lifetime of rocking.

Among the Top 10 List of Things Mick Jagger Learned From 50 Years in Rock 'n' Roll were, "Nobody wants to hear anything from your new album," and, "Before shouting 'Hi Seattle', make sure you're in Seattle".

Jagger also made a tongue-in-cheek joke about Spector, who was sentenced to 19 years to life behind bars following his conviction for murdering actress Lana Clarkson at his Alhambra, California home in 2003, quipping, "Never take relationship advice from Phil Spector".

The singer also laughed off the huge success of the Maroon 5 track, which makes reference to his famous dance moves, saying, "You don't earn a cent when someone does a song about having moves like Jagger".

His other pieces of advice included, "Be considerate of other hotel guests - trash your room by 10pm", and concluded with, "You start out playing rock 'n' roll so you can have sex and do drugs, but you end up doing drugs so you can still play rock 'n' roll and have sex!"

Paul McCartney Urges Fans to Help with Storm Relief

Paul McCartney has asked his fans to dig deep for the victims of Superstorm Sandy because he shudders to think about those left homeless by October's natural disaster.

The former Beatles star will be among the big names performing at the 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief benefit in New York Wednesday night, but he wants people to keep donating to the American Red Cross and other charities in an effort to help those suffering a big freeze this winter.

He tells music network Fuse, "People think, 'It's done, it was a bad storm,' but the idea that it's still leaving people suffering on the streets, people without their homes, without power, without shelter...

"I would urge people to get involved and really make a difference to these people who are otherwise gonna have one hell of a winter."

McCartney will join Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, the Rolling Stones and Billy Joel, among others, at the benefit concert on Wednesday.

Lindsay Lohan’s Probation Has Been Revoked

Lindsay Lohan is in danger of returning to jail. On Wednesday, L.A. Commissioner Jane Godgrey revoked her probation due to new charges filed against the troubled actress in connection with a June car accident on Pacific Coast Highway. Lohan did not appear in court.

During Wednesday’s hearing, Lohan received her next court date, January 15. That hearing will determine dates for a probation hearing and a trial for the car accident charges. The charges include reckless driving, providing false information and obstructing or resisting a police officer.

Lohan, 26, is accused of lying to police about who was behind the wheel of her Porsche when it collided with a dump truck on Pacific Coast Highway on June 8. Lohan told officers that her assistant was driving at the time of the crash, but an investigation determined that it was actually Lohan who was in the driver’s seat.

The Liz and Dick star is still on probation in a 2011 necklace theft case. Last March, Judge Stephanie Saunter put Lohan on informal probation, but warned her that violating her probation by breaking any laws could result in 245 days in jail.

Meet 14-Year-Old Singer/Guitarist Matthew Davidson, Our Mac Wire "Pick To Click"!

By Anne M. Raso

We're very excited about 14-year-old guitarist/songwriter Matthew Davidson from the Shreveport, LA area. There are not many eighth graders with these kinds of chops--and his appearances in his neck of the woods led legendary Wrecking Crew bassist Joe Osborn (who also lives in the Shreveport area) to sit up and take notice enough to want to perform and promote the adorable young performer. It's nice to see young people not going the "pure pop" route. Did we fail to mention that he's been jamming since the tender age of seven? Now, that's incredible!

Matthew respects Justin Bieber, but he's not trying to be a teen idol--he wants to be known for his guitar licks and admirable songwriting skill. There are several great videos by Matthew on YouTube now including ones with Osborn on bass--just the guitar and bass together sound like a whole band. We wish the best for Matthew because we respect all the time he has put into honing his craft and we are happy that someone of Osborn's stature--who has played on records by everyone from the Monkees to Frank Sinatra and who discovered The Carpenters many years ago--is help taking him to the top. Osborn tells us, "What makes him different than other players his age is that he is like a seasoned veteran performer already. You can tell that he really loves what he is doing!"

Matthew has been gigging on a regular basis, and one of the venues where he really garnered major attention of both fans and local deejays/TV personalities was onstage at the legendary Shreveport Municipal Auditorium stage.  He submitted a video of himself playing a rockin' version of "You Are My Sunshine" with Osborn in to a contest sponsored by Louisiana Public Television--it won and Matthew got invited to perform it live at the legendary auditorium where the Louisiana Hayride was held weekly. (In case you didn't know, the Municipal Auditorium famous for being the place where Elvis got his big break and played often from 1954 to 1956). He's also knocked 'em dead with his axe at the King Biscuit Blues Festival, the East Texas State Fair and the Pinetop Perkins Homecoming Celebration.

Our personal favorite jam by Matthew that we can't help stop hitting the YouTube "REPLAY" button on? Matthew's cover of "Steppin' Out" by John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers there. He reminds us of a very young Jeff Beck in this clip. If you are in the holiday mood, be sure to check out his version of "Rock And Roll Christmas" by George Thorogood & The Destroyers. The wunderkind destroys the stage. Matthew's YouTube channel might just be our personal holiday stress reliever, LOL!

For more info and to purchase Matthew's debut EP Step Up, go to and tell 'em that THE MAC WIRE sent you if you post on his message board!

(Photos by Neil Johnson/Courtesy

December 11, 2012

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announces 2013 inductees

At a press conference today at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist and 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Flea announced the list of performer inductees and Ahmet Ertegun Award recipients for induction. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees for 2013 are:

Performer Category:
· Heart
· Albert King
· Randy Newman
· Public Enemy
· Rush
· Donna Summer

Ahmet Ertegun (non performer) Award:
· Lou Adler
· Quincy Jones

Scheduled for Thursday, April 18, 2013, the 28th Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles. This marks the first time since 1993 that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be held on the West Coast. The ceremony will again be open to the public, as it was in 2009 and 2012 in Cleveland.

Joel Peresman, President and CEO of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation, said, “We are thrilled to announce this year’s class of inductees, which again represents the broad, compelling and significant definition of rock and roll.”

The induction ceremony will broadcast on HBO on Saturday, May 18 at 9pm ET/PT. Said Michael Lombardo, President of HBO Programming, "We are excited to team up once again with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for what is sure to be an incredible evening of one-of-a-kind performances.”

Kate Middleton Will Skip Appearance At The Hobbit Premiere

Royal engagements are taking the back seat for pregnant Kate Middleton. The 30-year-old, who was hospitalized for acute morning sickness last week, will skip her appearance with Prince William at Wednesday’s premiere of The Hobbit to continue resting at home.

"The Duchess of Cambridge will not attend The Hobbit Premiere tomorrow evening and will continue to rest privately," a St. James Palace rep said, adding that Prince William “will attend as planned.”

Middleton’s pregnancy was announced last Monday after she was admitted to King Edward VII Hospital for treatment of acute morning sickness, also known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG). The condition can cause fainting, lightheadedness, weight loss, vomiting and acute nausea. Middleton returned to Kensington Palace on Thursday.

On Sunday, Prince William canceled his appearance at the British Military Tournament to care for Middleton as she suffered another bout of HG. The following day, a royal rep said the palace will not continue to give the public updates on Middleton’s condition.

"Until further notice, to allow the Duchess a degree of privacy during her pregnancy, we do not intend to offer regular condition checks or advise of routine developments,” the rep said.

The Rolling Stones Join Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen for Sandy Relief Concert.

The Rolling Stones has signed on to perform during the star-studded Sandy Relief concert taking place on 12-12-12.

On Wednesday, the Stones will by Browse to Save"join previously announced performers including Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton and others at Madison Square Garden. Proceeds from the benefit will go to the Robin Hood Relief Fund, which helps those impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

Other performers include: Dave Grohl, Billy Joel, Alicia Keys, Chris Martin, Eddie Vedder, Roger Waters, Kanye West, The Who and Paul McCartney.

The event will be broadcast starting at 7pm.

December 10, 2012

Australian Radio Network Apologizes For Prank After Nurse’s Suicide

A phone prank that may have contributed to the tragic suicide of a London nurse has prompted an Australian radio network to suspend the two DJs responsible for the hoax. A statement from Southern Cross Austereo released Monday confirmed that Mel Greig and Michael Christian of the Hot 30 show on 2Day FM “will not return to the airwaves until further notice.” Hot 30 was also canceled.

Jacintha Saldanha, a nurse at London’s King Edward VII's Hospital, was found dead Friday of an apparent suicide. The 46-year-old’s death came just days after Greig and Christian impersonated Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles to get information about the condition of Prince William’s pregnant wife Kate Middleton, who was being treated for acute morning sickness. Saldanha put the call through to the ward, and another nurse there updated the DJs on Middleton’s condition. Greig, 30, and Christian, 25, aired the call on their show.

"First and foremost we would like to express our deep and sincere condolences to the family of Jacintha Saldanha for their loss. We are very sorry for what has happened,” Southern Cross Austereo CEO Rhys Holleran said Monday. "As a leading commercial radio broadcaster, we must ensure that our internal processes and protocols are robust. We don't claim to be perfect and we always strive to do better. We have initiated a detailed and rigorous review of our policies and procedures to inform any improvements we can make. We are also providing support to our people who are deeply saddened by this tragic and unforeseen event."

Greig and Christian also expressed their sadness about Saldanha’s death in interviews on Monday. “I don’t think that anyone could have predicted what could’ve happened,” Christian said.

“'The first thing I asked was: "Was she a mother?"' added Grieg. “If we played any involvement in her death then we’re very sorry for that. We couldn’t foresee what was going to happen in the future.”

Kate Middleton Suffers Another Bout Of Severe Morning Sickness

Prince William canceled his appearance at the British Military Tournament on Sunday to take care of his pregnant wife Kate Middleton as she suffered another bout of Hyperemesis Gravidarum, or severe morning sickness. Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), which only occurs in about 1 percent of pregnancies, can cause fainting, lightheadedness, weight loss, vomiting and acute nausea.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were forced to announce their baby news Monday when the Duchess was admitted King Edward VII Hospital for treatment of HG. She was released on Thursday and returned to Kensington Palace “for a period of rest.”

Over the weekend, St. James Palace confirmed Middleton was suffering another bout of acute morning sickness. "It is well known that Hyperemesis Gravidarum often recurs," a palace spokesman told Us Weekly. "Until further notice, to allow the Duchess a degree of privacy during her pregnancy, we do not intend to offer regular condition checks or advise of routine developments."

Prince William spoke about Middleton’s condition Saturday at the Winter Whites Gala at Royal Albert Hall in London. "I don't know why they call it morning sickness -- they should call it all day and all night sickness," he said. "[Recovery is] a long old process but she is getting there. She feels like it is going to go on forever.”

Demi Moore Dumped By Boyfriend Vito Schnabel

Demi Moore is once again single. According to reports, the actress’s 26-year-old boy toy Vito Schnabel ended their brief romance to protect his career as an art dealer. The Post reports Schnabel dumped 50-year-old Moore because he wants to be “taken seriously” by co-workers and clients.

“Vito has worked very hard to be taken seriously in the art business, and doesn’t want to be seen as somebody who dates celebrities. He hated having photographers follow him around after word got out about him and Demi,” an insider tells The Post.

Moore and Schnabel began dating in November after meeting at the birthday party supermodel Naomi Campbell threw for her boyfriend Vladimir Doronin in Jodhpur, India. A witness said the pair was instantly attracted to each other. They were allegedly “dancing and grinding all over each other, openly, in front of other guests.”

Moore split from 34-year-old actor Ashton Kutcher in November 2011. "It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have decided to end my six-year marriage to Ashton. As a woman, a mother and a wife there are certain values and vows that I hold sacred, and it is in this spirit that I have chosen to move forward with my life,” the actress said in a statement at the time.

It was the first marriage for Kutcher and the third for Moore. She was previously married to singer Freddy Moore and actor Bruce Willis. Kutcher has been dating his former That 70s Show co-star Mila Kunis.

Celebrity Author Mark Bego Releases His 60th Book—His First Novel, Murder At Motor City Records

Best-selling author Mark Bego, this month also releases his 60th book, which is his first novel called “Murder at Motor City Records.” It is an exciting homage to Agatha Christie mysteries, Dashiell Hammett and James M. Cain crime novels, and the music of his hometown of Detroit. According to Bego: “After years of interviewing rock stars I had so much fun inventing the bigger-than-life characters in this book, from the fictional stars, to the music-obsessed detective who is hot on the trail of the killer. It is something like having a cocktail-loving ‘The Thin Man’ detective solving a murder at a legendary Motown-like record label.”

Bego, who is the author of 59 non-fiction books on rock & roll and show business, has over 10 million books in print, and has written two New York Times best-sellers and a Chicago Tribune best-seller. Three of his biggest hit books were on figures that made Detroit’s Motown Records famous: The Supremes (assisting Mary Wilson), Martha Reeves, and Michael Jackson. Taking notes from those experiences, Mark has created his own fictional Motown-like record company, and a whole colorful roster of singing stars. When the president of his fabricated Motor City Records is found dead, the disgruntled and jealous singing stars at the label are amongst the prime murder suspects.

According to the back cover: “Detective Marcus Rusk grew up in Detroit loving the wonderful ’60s and ’70s sounds of the music that came from Motor City Records. However, the evening after the label’s 35th Anniversary reunion show, someone wants the president of the record company dead. Who killed Harry Stone? It seems that everyone on the label has a motive for wanting him erased, including: Cheryl Lamour—the star of the singing trio The Elations, bitchy diva Roxanne Wills, icy songstress Vicki Vance, bisexual crooner Jamison Burke, Harry’s ex-wife Laura, sexually confused Roger Washington, and Harry’s business partners—Sammy Solar and William Blue. Rusk faces his most challenging case—the murder of Harry Stone—which takes him on a trail of interviewing all of his favorite Motor City music stars. Author Mark Bego takes the reader on an entertaining and cocktail-filled ride through the streets of Detroit to solve Detective Rusk’s most fascinating case.” It is an exciting mix of diva fights, rivalries, hit singles, and a crime of passion.

With the music of Motown suddenly back in fashion on Broadway (Berry Gordy’s new musical), in film (Lenny Kravitz starring in a new Marvin Gaye bio-pic), and at the newsstands (Mary Wilson’s commemorative magazine “50th Anniversary Celebration / My Supremes” written with Bego/Event-bookazines), Mark Bego’s Detroit-based “Murder at Motor City Records” arrives on the marketplace with perfect timing.

Jenni Rivera Killed in Plane Crash

U.S. officials are confirming the death of singer Jenni Rivera following a plane crash in Mexico on Sunday.

The Latin star's private plane went missing after taking off from an airport in Monterrey, Mexico following a late night show on Saturday.

Rescuers discovered the wreckage scattered across the state of Nuevo Leon late on Sunday and the damage was so bad, authorities claimed there was "nothing recognizable, neither material nor human."

All seven people on the Learjet 25 were presumed dead, and on Monday morning Rivera's driver's license was recovered from the debris.

Now executives at the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) have confirmed Rivera was among those who perished in the tragedy.

A statement issued by the organization reads: "On Dec. 9, 2012 at about 3.30am local time, the airplane crashed about 70 miles south of Monterrey, Mexico, due to unknown circumstances while en route to Mexico City, Mexico. All seven persons on board were fatally injured including Latin singer Jenni Rivera."

NTSB bosses have dispatched investigators to Mexico to help local officials retrieve the remains of the victims and determine what happened.

Tributes from Rivera's celebrity friends began pouring in soon after news of the plane crash broke and her brother, Pedro Rivera, Jr., is heartbroken.

He tells E! News, "We are feeling devastated. It's a devastation to the family."

The Riveras are now planning to travel to Mexico to bring the singer's remains back to her native California for a funeral.

Her brother adds, "When we do find out what has happened with the body, because they have to get it out of the woods there... and we receive the news that they're there, all the family is going to fly over there and bring our sister back."

Johnny Depp Plays Guitar on Stage With Alice Cooper

Johnny Depp took to the stage in Arizona to play at Alice Cooper’s 12th Annual Christmas Pudding concert.

Stepping out to play the guitar, the actor performed with Alice Cooper and his band at the Phoenix fundraiser.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star attended the gig to raise money for Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Foundation.

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December 9, 2012

Taylor Swift Lands New Country Music Award

Taylor Swift has scored another chart record in the United States after landing a ninth week at the top of the Hot Country Songs countdown.

Her hit We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together has become the chart's longest-running number one for a female artist, toppling Connie Smith's eight-week feat, which has stood since 1964, when she hit the top spot with Once a Day.

Swift's reign began in October when Billboard executives relaxed their rules on digital download sales and streaming data from websites like Spotify and Rhapsody in addition to radio airplay.

The Love Story singer still has some way to go to challenge the chart's overall number one record holder. Buck Owens spent 16 weeks at number one in 1963 and 1964 with Love's Gonna Live Here.

December 7, 2012

Ke$ha Announces "C'Mon" As Second Single

Global superstar Ke$ha has announced “C’Mon” as the official second single off her new album WARRIOR (Kemosabe / RCA Records) which was released this week (Lyric Video: Ke$ha performed the song on FOX’s The X-Factor last night ( “C’Mon”, which was co-written by Ke$ha as well as Dr. Luke, Benny Blanco, Max Martin, Bonnie McKee and Cirkut and produced by Dr. Luke, Benny Blanco and Cirkut is currently available at all digital music providers.

WARRIOR, which is executive produced by Kemosabe Records head Dr. Luke, has been critically praised by outlets such as the LA Times who raved, “Enter Ke$ha, who on her second album, “Warrior,” has perfected the art of aspirational rebellion and released a joyous celebration of defiance.” The Associated Press stated that; “Warrior,” the 25-year-old’s sophomore release, is entertaining from top to bottom,” while Rolling Stone declares that; “Ke$ha was born to be a rockstar.”

December 6, 2012

Nominees in top categories for the Grammy Awards

Nominees announced Wednesday in top categories for the 55th annual Grammy Awards:

Record of the Year: "Lonely Boy," The Black Keys; "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)," Kelly Clarkson; "We Are Young," fun. featuring Janelle Monae; "Somebody That I Used To Know," Gotye Featuring Kimbra; "Thinkin Bout You," Frank Ocean; "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," Taylor Swift.

Album of the Year: "El Camino," The Black Keys; "Some Nights," fun.; "Babel," Mumford & Sons; "Channel Orange," Frank Ocean; "Blunderbuss," Jack White.

Song of the Year: "The A Team," Ed Sheeran, songwriter (performed by Ed Sheeran); "Adorn," Miguel Pimentel, songwriter (Miguel); "Call Me Maybe" Tavish Crowe, Carly Rae Jepsen & Josh Ramsay, songwriters (Carly Rae Jepsen); "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)," Jorgen Elofsson, David Gamson, Greg Kurstin & Ali Tamposi, songwriters (Kelly Clarkson); "We Are Young," Jack Antonoff, Jeff Bhasker, Andrew Dost & Nate Ruess, songwriters (fun. featuring Janelle Monáe).

New Artist: Alabama Shakes, fun., Hunter Hayes, The Lumineers, Frank Ocean.

Pop Vocal Album: "Stronger," Kelly Clarkson; "Ceremonials," Florence & The Machine; "Some Nights," fun.; "Overexposed," Maroon 5; "The Truth About Love," Pink.

Rock Album: "El Camino," The Black Keys; "Mylo Xyloto," Coldplay; "The 2nd Law," Muse; "Wrecking Ball," Bruce Springsteen; "Blunderbuss," Jack White.

R&B Album: "Black Radio," Robert Glasper Experiment; "Back To Love," Anthony Hamilton; "Write Me Back," R. Kelly; "Beautiful Surprise," Tamia; "Open Invitation," Tyrese.

Rap Album: "Take Care," Drake; "Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Pt. 1," Lupe Fiasco; "Life Is Good," Nas; "Undun," The Roots; "God Forgives, I Don't," Rick Ross; "Based on a T.R.U. Story," Chainz.

Country Album: "Uncaged," Zac Brown Band; "Hunter Hayes," Hunter Hayes; "Living For A Song: A Tribute To Hank Cochran," Jamey Johnson; "Four The Record," Miranda Lambert; "The Time Jumpers," The Time Jumpers.

Latin Pop, Rock or Urban Album: "Campo," Campo; "Dejenme Llorar," Carla Morrison; "Imaginaries," Quetzal; "Electro-Jarocho," Sistema Bomb; "La Bala," Ana Tijoux.

Jazz Vocal Album: "Soul Shadows," Denise Donatelli; "1619 Broadway: The Brill Building Project," Kurt Elling; "Live," Al Jarreau (And The Metropole Orkest); "The Book Of Chet," Luciana Souza; "Radio Music Society," Esperanza Spalding.

Linda McCartney set for photo retrospective

Paul McCartney's late wife Linda has landed her first comprehensive photography retrospective 14 years after her death.

The revered snapper, who lost her battle with cancer in 1998, will be featured at a major exhibition at Vienna, Austria's Museum Hundertwasser from June to September next year.

The show will feature "a selection of her iconic photographs of sixties rock and roll, her family life and nature", and will include several shots of her husband.

Promoting the upcoming show, gallery officials state, "Linda McCartney's distinctive works reveal an alertness to the poetry of the moment combined with a keen sense of humor and an instinctive flair for capturing her subject at the right instant."

Eminem’s Daughter Attacks Taylor Swift For “Whoring Around”

Taylor Swift latest romance with One Direction musician Harry Styles has landed her in hot water with Hailie Mathers, the 16-year-old daughter of rapper Eminem. After a picture surfaced of Swift and Styles holding hands in NYC early Tuesday, Mathers took to Twitter to slam the superstar.

“Dear @taylorswift13, please stop whoring around with every guy you see,” wrote @hailiejade_x. “We all know you’re only doing it so you can make another album.”

“If @taylorswift13 is really dating the love of my life Harry_Styles i will not be happy,” she wrote in another Tweet.

Apparently making fun of Swift’s hit song ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,’ the teen wrote, “I am never, ever, everrrrr, listening to your music againnnn, @taylorswift13. LIKE EVER.”

Swift’s fans quickly jumped to her defense, prompting Mathers to claim her rant was “just a bit of fun.” “Sorry @taylorswift13 for my immaturity,” she wrote before saying she was deactivating her account because of all the attention.

Swift, 22, has not commented. Her rumored romance with Styles, 18, comes just over a month after insiders confirmed her split from Connor Kennedy. Swift’s other previous boyfriends include Twilight star Taylor Lautner, Jonas Brothers singer Joe Jonas and actor Jake Gyllenhaal.