January 17, 2013

Kim Kardashian: I Won’t Share Baby’s Name Before Birth

Kim Kardashian is exercising a new sense of privacy when it comes to her baby and her romance with Kanye West – not only will the baby not appear on the Kardashian’s E! reality shows, but Kardashian and West will also keep their child’s name private until after his or her birth.

“We'll keep the name private, I think, whenever we decide,” she recently told E!.

Keeping the Kardashian tradition of “K” names is something the parents-to-be have not ruled out. "We're not sure yet," Kardashian revealed. "I have to discuss that with my boyfriend to see where we are.”

As for her decision to protect her baby and West from the spotlight on her career, Kardashian says she is determined to not let her work “overshadow the love in my life.”

"I feel like I have divulged so much in the past. Not that that was wrong, but I just choose to be a little bit more private this time around, just for me and my family. I like to keep all that stuff about why it's so perfect and why it works and all that just between us,” she explained.

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