April 2, 2013

Former Boy Band Singer Warns Justin Bieber to Cool Off

Former boy band star Jordan Knight has advised Justin Bieber to keep his temper under control -- to avoid tarnishing his image forever.

Bieber's public persona has taken a battering in recent weeks following a disastrous trip to the U.K. last month, during which he kept young fans waiting until past 10 p.m. for a concert and threatened to assault a photographer outside his hotel.

His increasingly erratic behavior -- which also included strutting the streets while wearing a gas mask - led to fears the teen idol is suffering a meltdown.

Now, the former New Kids on the Block singer Knight has advised the singer to change his attitude towards the paparazzi if he wants to survive the fame game.

Knight tells British magazine OK!, "I think Bieber's doing the right thing. Don't take any junk from nobody! No, I think lately Justin's had a bad time of it... But you have to learn to be like, 'Oh, that's funny, he's trying to bait me'. All the public see is him lashing out and it's: 'Oh, Justin Bieber's going crazy!' But that's not really the truth, he's just reacting to something.

"It would have got to us (in New Kids On The Block), but maybe we could recover better because we could talk to each other," Knight said.

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